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Countries with the most Endangered Species

A recent in-depth study has revealed the alarming state of the Javan Rhino & Amur Leopard. Countries with most Endangered Species!

By Ground Report
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Countries with the most Endangered Species

A recent in-depth study by aplaceforanimals has shed light on the alarming state of our planet’s threatened species. The study reveals that a shocking 41% of amphibians are on the brink of extinction. Furthermore, out of the 65,000 vertebrate species, which make up just 3% of all animal species, a staggering 42,100 are facing the imminent threat of extinction.

Indonesia, a country known for its rich biodiversity with 10,408 animal species, unfortunately, also has the highest number of threatened species at 1,233. Australia and Mexico are not far behind, with threat rates of 12.5% and 13.9% respectively.

The study also highlights the plight of some of the world’s most iconic animals. The Javan rhino, with only 75 left, and the Amur Leopard, with just 100 remaining, are teetering on the edge of extinction. However, there is hope. An investment of around $1.3 billion annually could potentially save 841 highly threatened species.

The assessment by aplaceforanimals.com evaluated each country based on factors such as species diversity, the number of endangered species, and conservation efforts. Each country was scored on these parameters, resulting in an overall rating. The research relied heavily on data from the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), providing a detailed view of wildlife conservation efforts worldwide.

Countries with highest number of threatened species

Country Total Species Threatened Species Percentage Threatened
Indonesia 10,408 1,233 11.9%
United States 8,273 1,178 14.2%
Australia 8,554 1,067 12.5%
Mexico 6,880 953 13.9%
Brazil 8,873 856 9.6%
Madagascar Not provided 849 -
India 6,848 813 11.9%
Colombia 7,403 755 10.2%
Malaysia 6,232 755 12.1%
Philippines 5,858 693 11.8%

Key Findings

  • • 42,100 species are on the edge of extinction as per the IUCN Red List.
  • • Out of 8,536 amphibian species, a worrying 41% are endangered.
  • • Indonesia brims with biodiversity (10,408 species) but also leads with 1,233 threatened species.
  • • Javan rhino counts a mere 75, while only 100 Amur Leopards roam wild.
  • • $1.3 billion annually could halt the extinction of 841 critically threatened species.

Number of Endangered Animals by Species

Indonesia, with a staggering 10,404 species, leads the chart, while Brazil's vast Amazonian treasures closely follow with 8,873. Australia houses 8,554 species, including its iconic kangaroos and koalas. The U.S. caters to 8,372 species across its diverse terrains, from the wilds of Alaska to Everglades of Florida. The impressive range of Colombia - from towering mountains to expansive rainforests - accounts for its 7,403 species.

Countries such as Mexico, China, and Malaysia surpass the 6,000 mark, and nations ranging from Southeast Asia to East Africa, including the Philippines, Tanzania, and Thailand, each display over 5,000 species. Even smaller countries like Japan and Ecuador proudly declare numbers exceeding 5,000. Congo in Central Africa underlines the critical importance of each country in maintaining our planet's biodiversity fabric with its 4,902 species.

Prominent Animals facing near-term extinction risks

Species Remaining Population Location Major Threats
Javan Rhinos 75 Java, Indonesia Habitat loss, disease, poaching
Amur Leopards 100 - Habitat destruction, prey scarcity
Sunda Island Tigers 400 Sumatra, Indonesia Poaching, illegal trade
Mountain Gorillas 1,000 - -
Tapanuli Orangutans <800 - Deforestation
Kakapos ~140 New Zealand Predation, climate change
Tooth-billed Pigeons 70-380 - Hunting, habitat loss
African Forest Elephants - - Occupying only 25% of their original range
Vaquitas 9 - Illegal fishing
Hawksbill Turtles - - 80% population drop, critically endangered

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