Coke Studio season 14: Mehram song with Lyrics English Translation

Ground Report | New Delhi: Mehram song with Lyrics; Coke Studio 14’s latest track, Mehram, featuring Asfar Hussain and Arooj Aftab, premiered on TV on Friday, 28 Jan 2022, with audio available to stream on Spotify. The romantic pop number, was produced by Xulfi and Abdullah Siddiqui.

The 14th edition of the most anticipated music show, Coke Studio, premiered on Friday (January 14). This year Coke Studio 14 kicked off icons Abida Parveen and Naseebo Lal with their single ‘Tu Jhoom’ and the music video has already gone viral on social media as fans show their excitement for the start of Coke Season 14.

The last song has already left fans spellbound with Xulfi’s incredible musical production and the dynamic performance of the two music masters.

Mehram song with Lyrics

Jurr Na Paae baad there

Tukre Dil ke Rakhun Kya

Yaad teri koi Baat nahi

Lafzon Main mein Likhun Kya

Chaaon thi tere sath ki

Be Reham Dhoop mein

Deewananwaar Phirun

Kho ke apna Saebaan

Tu Mehram, Na raha mera…

Tu Mehram na raha

Chup ne aisi baat kahi,

Khamoshi Mein sun beithay,

Janmon jo naa beet sakay,

Hum Vo andhere chun beithay,

Kitni karun mein iltija,

Sath ki chand se,

Dil Bhar ke aahein Thak gaya,

Phir Bhi Na ro Paae Hum

Tu Mehram, Na raha mera…

Tu Mehram na raha

Tu mehram na raha

[Bridge: Asfar Hussain & Arooj Aftab]

Main sun raha tha (Sun raha tha) sabhi

Tu sunn saka naa (Sun saka naa) kabhi

Uljhi sab khwahishon me

Lafzon ki baarisho me

Dil ka makaan na raha

Na raha, na raha, na raha

Na raha, na raha, na raha

Na raha, na raha

[Chorus: Asfar Hussain & Arooj Aftab]

Tu mehram na raha mera

Tu mehram na raha

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