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China Builds Village In Arunachal Pradesh?

China is doing some construction work along the border with India. The Foreign Ministry (MEA) said on Monday that it had seen recent reports on China’s construction work in the border areas with India and the government was keeping a close watch on it.

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According to media reports that China has established a new village in Arunachal Pradesh which has about 101 houses. The case is revealed by satellite photos. The satellite picture was two different in which it was clearly seen that there was no construction work in the area in the earlier picture, whereas the latest picture shows the construction.

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Ministry of External Affairs did not deny the development and while clarifying that the government is constantly monitoring all the developments affecting India’s security. The ministry said that our army is always ready to protect its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Arunachal Pradesh has a village about 4.5 km inside the Indian border. The area is located in the Upper Subansiri district of Arunachal Pradesh. After coming to the satellite picture of this Chinese village, the pictures inside have now become viral on social media. 

Satellite image of the Chinese village | Courtesy: Planet Labs / Twitter @Nrg8000

It is seen in these pictures that wide roads and multi-storey buildings have been built in the Chinese village. It is being told that about 101 houses have been built in the Chinese village. Chinese people have been settled in these houses. A Chinese flag has also been placed on the houses.

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China has started the establishment of 600 state-of-the-art border defense villages along the Tibet border in 2017. In October 2019, China announced to speed up the construction of villages along the border. 

China has started settling most such villages in its Nagari and Shigtse areas on the border of Arunachal Pradesh. These villages in China are often very remote and very few people live in them.

However, Rahul Gandhi attacked the central government on the news of China entering the Indian border in Arunachal Pradesh and settling the village. On this, Union Minister Kiran Rijiju has now hit back at him. Kiran Rijiju claimed that the place where China is talking about settling the village was occupied by China during the Congress rule. Kiran Rijiju also asked Rahul how he could be ignorant as a national leader.

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While sharing a link of a news report about the alleged “Chinese village”, Rahul Gandhi tweeted: “Remember his promise — ‘Mai desh jhukne nahi dunga’ [Will not let the country bow].”

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