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India China tension: 'Kuch Bhi Ho Sakta Hai'

India China Tension: Ongoing negotiations, China placed a condition that the first Indian army should return from advanced position

By Ground Report
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India China tension

In the ongoing negotiations to end India China tension on the East Ladakh border, China placed a condition that the first Indian army should return from advanced positions on the southern shore of Pangong Lake. India has bluntly told China that if the forces withdraw, they will withdraw from both sides. There will be no unilateral action.

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The Indian Express quoted high-ranking government sources as saying that India has crossed the Line of Actual Control (LAC) at seven places to respond to Chinese encroachments.

Indian troops went beyond their patrolling points

At the end of August, Indian troops went beyond their patrolling points in the Chushul sub-sector and made inroads on advanced positions. India now dominates this area because not only is it eyeing the Spangur Gap, but also a Chinese contingent in Moldo. After this incident, the attitude of China has changed. 

The newspaper quoted the source as saying, "We have crossed seven places (LAC). Do you think China is still on the negotiating table?" He said, "In the latest conversation, they (the Chinese) wanted India to vacate the positions of the southern coast first. India demanded that the two sides together retreat from both sides of the lake."

In their latest talks, they (the Chinese) wanted India to vacate southern bank positions first. India demanded that both banks should be vacated by both sides simultaneously to mutually agreed positions,” the source said.

Despite talks between the Defense Ministers and Foreign Ministers of both countries in Moscow, China's attitude on the ground has not changed. A source told The Indian Express, "Beijing says it wants peace and prosperity on the border of the two countries. But that is what India also wants. They do not say why they deposited so many troops there." 

Kuchh bhi ho sakta hai

He said, Kuchh bhi ho sakta hai. Vishwas nahin hota hai China par "Anything can happen. I don't believe in China". We are ready for any kind of challenge. the source said, pointing out that enough supplies for the winter have been made available to Indian forces to mirror the Chinese build-up at the Ladakh frontier.

Winter is here

An Indian Army official said that the situation on LAC remains the same. But now the cold is gradually increasing. In many places the temperature has reached minus 10 and in November-December it will be from minus 30 to minus 40. 

It is possible that China will reduce its number of soldiers at that time. The troops of India and China are face-to-face near Rijang La, Riching La, south side of Pangong Lake, near Finger-4 in the Finger Area, on the northern side of Pangong Lake in Eastern Ladakh. 

Apart from this, soldiers of both the countries are also face to face in PP-17 and Depsang area. In Depsang, Chinese troops have stopped patrolling Indian soldiers.

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