Central’s Vista project gets approval from Supreme Court

The three-judge bench of the Supreme Court has approved Central Vista with a majority of two each. A number of petitions were filed in the court regarding the Central Vista project, including land use, environmental petitions.

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The Supreme Court has approved the Central Vista project and after this decision, the way for the construction of the new Parliament House has been cleared. Petitions were filed against the Central Vista Project in the court and issues related to environmental clearance were raised. The Central Vista project was announced in September 2019. The new Parliament House is part of this project. 

On 10 December last year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi performed the Bhoomi Pujan for the new Parliament House. Now the decision of the court has cleared the way for a new parliament. The Supreme Court has given approval to the project with certain conditions. 

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During the hearing, the court has said that the recommendations of the Environment Committee are correct. The court has said that the central government has not misused its authority. Also, the court has said that there is no error in the approval of the Environment Committee.

Government got approval with conditions

Central Vista was approved by a three-judge bench headed by Justice AM Khanwilkar with a majority of two each. Sanjeev Khanna, who was on the bench, gave a separate verdict, agreeing on the issue of the project award, saying that the matter should be sent back to the public hearing as the Heritage Conservation Committee did not have prior approval. The Supreme Court has said that before starting work on this project, the government should take approval from the Environment Committee and the Heritage Conservation Committee.

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The petitioner’s lawyer Sanjay Hegde said in an interview to a news channel, “A lot of petitioners had petitioned the court with different concerns. We had filed a petition in the court regarding the change of land use. Change of Land Use Was approved when the lockdown was in force in the country. During that time people could not give their opinion. “

Petitions challenging the construction of the Central Vista Project in Lutyens area of ​​Delhi raised many issues, including environmental clearance. In the hearing held on 7 December, the Supreme Court had approved laying the foundation stone for the new Parliament House, but in addition it said that there will be no construction.

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The court said in its judgment that environment should be taken care of during construction. New Parliament building is also to be constructed under Central Vista. The Central Vista project is about 20 thousand crores, out of which 971 crores will be spent on the construction of the new parliament building.

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