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Cave schools in Talibani Afghanistan?

Cave schools in Talibani Afghanistan; The young girl in one of the caverns of Bamiyan has set up a group of kids for the “Informal school”

By Aroosa Reshi
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Cave schools in Talibani Afghanistan?

Ground Report | New Delhi: Cave schools in Talibani Afghanistan; The young girl in one of the caverns of Bamiyan has set up a group of kids for the “Informal school” so the course of training and childhood in the area doesn’t stop.

In this school, most of the students are little girls at age of 5 to 6 years. Up to 50 students are in this school were studying. These classes are located in one of the cave caves, not far from the historical Buddha statues in Bamiyan.

This school have only one teacher is Freshta. She started this school in the caves for the girl children. The school runs for two hours every day toward the beginning of the day offering an open door to the devastating local area at a time the country has been confronting an uncommon philanthropic emergency.

“The people group recommended assembling the youngsters and showing them essential English, Dari, maths, topography and the blessed Quran,” People here have economic problems. They are either farmers or idle and our school is completely free. These families cannot afford to pay for private schools and government schools are far away,” she said.

While School does not exist after Taliban rule in Bamiyan. Said, Freshta. Fershta is the only person in the village who has graduated from university. She completed a midwifery course at Bamiyan University a few months ago. Most of the students say that they want to learn a lesson so that in the future they will be taught like angels.
The literacy rate in Bamiyan is particularly low among young ladies. As indicated by UN insights, around 5% of Bamiyan young ladies are proficient.

The youthful educator portrays that after the arrival of the Taliban to drive in August, he was frightened. She recognized that the Taliban had held onto power, keeping ladies from examining and working.

She recalls: “My school was friendly and colourful, but at the time when the Taliban took over Bamiyan, I was terrified. My friends suggested that I remove all the posters and paintings on the walls. They thought I was in danger.” Especially for the reason that I teach girls."

“I put all the paints and automatons in a plastic bag and put them in the river,” the angel, who wore a coloured chador, told Al Jazeera. Sometimes she received donations from occasional visitors from the capital Kabul, but the school has survived thanks to her hard work.

Recently, Zabihullah Mujahid, government spokesman and deputy minister of culture and information, said the education department would open classrooms for all girls and women in the Afghan New Year, which starts on March 21.

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