Brave Muslim man saved life of a Hindu girl stucked into railway track

Ground Report | New Delhi: Muslim man saved girl; A video of a Bhopal man’s bravery and heroic effort to save the life of a girl who fell on a railway track is going viral on social media and is garnering applause from many.

What happened?

On February 5, Mohammad Mehboob, a carpenter by profession, was returning to his factory when his bravery was tested. That evening as he was on his way to his factory in the Barkhedi area of the city, he and some other pedestrians saw goods train approaching.

Shoaib Hashmi, a friend of Mehboob, told PTI on Saturday that a 20-year-old woman carrying a bag was crossing the railway track when a goods train was approaching. He said the woman got scared and got stuck on the tracks and could not get up and walk away from the path of the train.

Hashmi said that when the audience started screaming in panic, Mehboob acted impulsively and jumped on the track and ran to the woman, dragging her to the middle of the trackbed, and hitting her head as the train passed over them. Stopped from lifting, Hashmi said.

A video of the incident was shared on Twitter with the caption, “Incredible bravery! 37-year-old Mehboob was returning to his factory when he and some other pedestrians saw goods train they stopped to let it pass a girl standing with her parents in fell on the tracks Mehboob sprinted dragged kept her head down.”

Amidst a stunned audience, the braveheart Mohammed Mehboob, without caring for his life, ran towards the girl struggling to get up.

Then he jumped towards the girl, well aware that he had little time to save her. Creeping towards her, Mehboob dragged the girl to the middle of the track-bed. To ensure the safety of the girl, Mehboob, showing great tact, lowered her head.

A video of the brave rescue which was recorded by witnesses and has now been widely circulated on social media, shows Mehboob holding the girl’s hand along with the locomotive.

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