BJP tagging Joshimath protesters as Chinese agents, but why?

The trend of calling the agitators in India Naxalites, terrorists, Khalistani, tukde tukde gang and Pakistanis continues unabated. BJP’s Uttarakhand President Mahendra Bhatt has called people agitating over cracks in houses in Joshimath as Maoists and agents of China.

In one of his statements in the past, Mahendra Bhatt bought trouble by terming the people agitating over the cracks in Joshimath as Maoists and the movement as a movement of Maoists. His statement is strongly opposed by Joshimath people.

Politics is also happening over this statement. Congress and Joshimath Bachao Sangharsh Samiti burnt the effigy of BJP State President Mahendra Bhatt at the main square of Joshimath and raised slogans against him.

Movement leader Atul Sati said that “in this hour of pain, the government should support the people. But such rhetoric is happening which is shameful.”

He said that “the people of Joshimath live with limited resources and in a way protect the border, it is wrong to call them Chinese agents.”

Atul Sati said that “BJP should immediately remove Mahendra Bhatt from the post of State President.”

He added, “it is wrong to question the patriotism of the people of Joshimath, since the 1962 war, we have never even looked at China.”

“The government should compensate for the damage caused to the land, and property of the people.

Mahendra Bhatt, BJP state president while targeting Atul Sati who is leading the Joshimath movement had said that “Atul Sati is getting help from the leftist groups in China.”

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