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BJP accuses Congress of inciting farmers on 26 Jan

Union Environment Minister and BJP leader Prakash Javadekar targeted Congress leader Rahul Gandhi over the violence of farmer movement.

In a press conference, he said, “Rahul Gandhi was not only supporting but provoking. It happened during the CAA too. This is also the movement. Congress is the government in Punjab, intentionally instigating farmers. There are also tweets of those people. In one tweet, Congress wrote that the non-violent march is trying to show violent. What happened on the Red Fort, was it non-violent? It happened in Nangloi, was non-violent? The way the police beaten Gaya, was he non-violent? “

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Javadekar said that the government has adopted the path of dialogue but the Congress is provoking the farmers.

He said, “The government discussed 11 rounds, also showed preparations to stop the law for a year and a half. Show what the rights of the farmers have been reduced. In these laws, only the farmers have been given the option. This Congress also You know, but the Congress does not want to let the compromise happen. “

“We condemn the Congress in strong words. Earlier, during the CAA, we did such agitation once again, but will not succeed. The people of the country are standing with this government. There is no movement in the rest of the states. Congress’s efforts Has not happened in many states. 

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Earlier, the leader of the National Farmers Worker Organization, VM Singh, had announced to distance himself from the farmer movement.

He said, “I cannot lead this movement with anyone else whose direction is different. My best wishes to him, but VM Singh and the National Farmers’ Organization declare to distance themselves from this movement.”

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After this announcement, farmer leader Darshan Pal Singh had said, “Some farmer organizations have ended their agitation after violence. This is not a good thing. The farmer movement has suffered a setback after the violence on 26 January. On this we will self-think and now we will have to gather people again. We have taken moral responsibility for what happened on Republic Day. “

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