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Tractor parade: Punjab CM condemns violence, AAP raises questions

On the occasion of Republic Day in Delhi, the Leader of the Opposition is advising the Central Government about the ruckus that took place during the tractor parade of farmers. At the same time, the United Front of Farmers has condemned the violence during the parade.

United Kisan Morcha condemned the violence during the tractor parade. The Morcha issued a statement saying, “It is very unfortunate that despite all our efforts, some organizations and some anti-social elements have infiltrated our hitherto peaceful movement, violating the root and discipline and have done malicious work. Our It has always been believed that peace is our greatest strength. Such movements harm the movement.”

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Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has tweeted that violence is not the solution to any problem. He has appealed to the government to ‘listen to the farmers and withdraw the anti-agriculture law for the benefit of the country’.

Sanjay Raut, the Shiv Sena leader has alleged that the government could have stopped the violence in Delhi if it wanted to. He has questioned whether anyone is doing invisible politics?

Gujarat Congress leader Hardik Patel has said that farmers should not be ‘tried to defame’.

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Hardik Patel wrote on Twitter, “Farmers have been making a peaceful movement for the last two months and try not to discredit the farmers.”

At the same time, Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh tweeted, “Shocking scenes in Delhi. The violence done by some elements is unacceptable. The credibility that the peaceful protesting farmers have created, will harm it. Farmer leaders Has separated itself from it and has stopped the tractor rally. I appeal to all genuine farmers to vacate Delhi and return to the borders. “

The Aam Aadmi Party has also condemned the violence in the farmers’ parade today. The party said that it is regrettable that the central government has let the situation deteriorate to such an extent.

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The AAP party said in a statement, “The movement had been going on peacefully for the last two months. Farmer leaders have said that those who were involved in the violence today were not part of the movement and were external elements. Whatever they were , Violence has definitely weakened the movement which was going on in such a peaceful and disciplined manner. “

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