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Guwahati ring road Project to cut 3,200 Trees

Guwahati's Ring Road plan stirs controversy over felling 3,200 trees. Wildlife concerns prompt calls for careful planning and mitigation measures.

By Ground report
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Guwahati ring road Project to cut 3,200 Trees

Photo credit: Assam Tribune

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The proposed construction of the Guwahati Ring Road has sparked controversy over plans to fell around 3,200 trees, raising concerns about environmental repercussions in the state capital region.

Official sources have confirmed that a tree count is underway along the proposed road route in Khanapara, Jorabat, Sonapur, and Chandrapur. Around 450 trees are set to be cut in the Amchang Wildlife Sanctuary.

According to the report of Assam Tribune, The project involves using 7.12 hectares of forest land in the Amchang Wildlife Sanctuary and 44.60 hectares of non-forest land in the eco-sensitive zone. Also, about 800 meters of road will be within 50 meters of the sanctuary's boundary.

The State Government has informed the National Wildlife Board of an animal passage plan devised with the State Forest Department, Wildlife Institute of India (WII) scientists, and the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. The plan includes two 200-meter underpasses, a 450-meter bridge with a height of 8 meters, and nine box culverts.

The Wildlife Board's Standing Committee mandated a comprehensive study by the WII or relevant agencies to evaluate the project's impact on elephant movement in response to concerns. The committee emphasized the necessity of integrating the construction of a 4-kilometre elevated road from Jorabat to Sonapur to restore the traditional elephant corridor connecting Amchang Sanctuary with Marakdola Reserve Forest and Aprikola Reserve Forest.

The board has stipulated that tree felling within forest land should be kept to a minimum, emphasizing the importance of minimizing adverse impacts on wildlife and their habitat. Additionally, it has requested human-elephant conflict mitigation and wildlife conservation plans.

The proposed Guwahati Ring Road will include a 3-kilometer-long 6-lane bridge from Kurua to Tintukura (Narengi). The road will span approximately 55 kilometres from Baihata Chariali to Sonapur via Kurua. Concerns persist as the project follows the felling of over 8,000 trees for developmental initiatives, raising alarms about the city's climate and environmental well-being.

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