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Binsar Sanctuary Surprises with Tiger at High Altitude

A tiger was photographed in the Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary, middle Himalayas, by IFS officer Dr. PM Dhakate. This rare sighting highlights the tiger's adaptability to high-altitude environments and showcases Binsar's rich biodiversity.

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Binsar Sanctuary Surprises with Tiger at High Altitude

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A tiger was photographed in the Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary in the middle Himalayan region. The visuals were shared by IFS officer Dr. PM Dhakate on social media and have garnered significant attention, showcasing the expanding range and adaptability of these creatures.

IFS officer Dr. PM Dhakate tweeted, "Exciting news from Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary! photographic evidence confirms the presence of a majestic Tiger in the middle Himalayan area. This rare sighting at higher altitudes highlights these magnificent creatures' expanding range and adaptability. Binsar's rich biodiversity continues to amaze, providing a crucial habitat for this apex predator".

The presence of a tiger at such high altitudes is rare, highlighting the resilience and versatility of this predator. The Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary, known for its rich biodiversity, remains a crucial habitat for various wildlife, including the big cat.

The sanctuary's varied terrain offers an ideal environment for numerous species to thrive, from dense oak and rhododendron forests to alpine meadows. The photographic evidence of the tiger's presence has captivated the public and serves as a testament to the sanctuary's efforts to preserve its ecological wonders.

Conservationists and wildlife experts have hailed this sighting as a significant milestone, emphasizing the importance of maintaining and protecting the delicate ecosystems that support biodiversity. The tiger's presence in the middle Himalayan region reinforces the need for vigilance and proactive measures to safeguard these iconic animals and their habitats.

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