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Bihar election: Country will not back down with decision of 370: PM Modi

We have decided to remove Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir. These people are saying that if they come to power, they will return

By Ground Report
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India believes in policy of understanding, if provoked will give strong reply: PM Modi

Ground Report| News Desk | Prime Minister Narendra Modi attacked the RJD and Congress in his first rally of Bihar assembly elections, he informed the people about the scheme of ownership card and the benefits it received.

In the beginning of his speech, Modi said, "Bihar is moving fast towards development, now no sick state will be able to call it. The era of lanterns is over. Power consumption has increased three times."

He said, "Today there is electricity, roads, lights and there is an environment in which ordinary citizens of the state can live without fear."

Attacking the UPA government, Modi said, "I was the Chief Minister of Gujarat, Nitish ji was the Chief Minister of Bihar. Nitish ji used to tell him repeatedly not to disturb the work of Bihar. The anger of not regaining power again took out the people of Bihar while living in the UPA government in Delhi for 10 years.

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He said, "The country is moving forward. These people are standing in front of the resolve of the country as a hurdle. We have decided to save the farmers from the middlemen, then they are engaged in a campaign to save the brokers and middlemen. Before the Lok Sabha elections, when the farmers The confusion continued even when money was given directly to the bank's account. Rafale was speaking the language of middlemen and brokers even when the planes were purchased. "

The PM said, "We have decided to remove Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir. These people are saying that if they come to power, they will return the decision of Article 370. I want to tell the people of Bihar that the country with its decisions Will not back down. "

In the beginning of his speech, PM Modi said that he stayed with Ram Vilas Paswan till his last breath. On this JDU's strong leader Ajay Alok reacted that as soon as the son left, he took a different route. At the same time, he also gave his response in gestures to the matter that some people of Modi are spreading confusion.

After this, Modi informed the people of the ownership plan and said that "with the help of technology, drones are being mapped with the help of drones. After all the action, the people of the village are given ownership of the land, Card is being given. Pilot scheme has been started in six states. This card has been given to 1 lakh people. After the formation of NDA government in Bihar, this scheme will be started here very soon. Thanks to this card People will be able to borrow easily. "

"Free food grains have also been arranged so that people of Bihar can celebrate Diwali Chhath properly. Banks will provide easy loan facilities to the villagers. Farmers credit card facilities are available. 6 lakhs in the account of 74 lakh farmers. Crores have been deposited directly. "

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