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Battle of Electric vehicle battery recycling

Electric vehicle battery recycling; Considering the growth of electric mobility and the consequent responsibility that vehicle batteries

By Ground report
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Battle of Electric vehicle battery recycling

Considering the growth of electric mobility and the consequent responsibility that vehicle batteries imply, more and more countries, such as Germany, India and France, are jumping into the recycling race. Which are the nations where plants already operate and which projects will be developed, next?

The International Energy Agency (IEA) estimates that, globally, there would be enough capacity to recycle 180,000 metric tons of electric vehicle batteries per year. 

By 2040, the agency estimates that there could be 1,300 gWh in potentially recyclable spent batteries. And today, if the level of recycling were increased, waste could be an important source of minerals.

List of countries.


One of the leading nations in electromobility could not fail to talk about battery recycling. At least six companies have their recyclers installed there: Accurec, Duesenfeld, Primobius, Redux, Erlos and Volkswagen. 

In turn, last year, BASF announced a new plant for 2023. The Walch company will do the same in Baudenbach, although it has not yet defined a date.


Gravita India Ltd., India's largest battery recycling company, enters the EV battery recycling business. Having ties to big battery companies like Amara Raja Batteries and HBL Power, Gravitas is now the bulk of the nation's raw material supply. Other top EV Battery Recycling Companies in India include ACE Green Recycling Inc, Lohum Cleantech, Ziptrax Cleantech, Attero Recycling, and Gravita India Ltd.


Several companies welcome the possibility of settling in French territory, where today Snam, Edi and Veolia lead.  

In 2021, Groupe Renault, Veolia and Solvay announced an alliance, through which they will recycle metals from electric vehicle batteries in a closed cycle. They have not yet stipulated when they will carry out the project. 


Batrec and Kyburz are the two main recycling firms. The first is in the town of Wimmis and the second in Freienstein. 


At the moment, Hydrovolt and Nikkelverk are located there. For its part, adding to the 2021 announcements, the Morrow company stated that it is beginning the development of a large-scale factory.

The start of project was planned to begin at the end of last year, with the construction of an "industrialization center" that includes a pilot, and research facilities for recycling and innovation. 


Fortum is another of the large companies that announced its growth last year.  The Finnish company stated that an investment of 28.7 million dollars will allow it to recycle most of the batteries of electric vehicles in the European Union.


In addition to its recycling plant, Umicore and Volkswagen AG joined forces in December last year to create an electric vehicle battery materials joint venture.

Both parties intend to include, at a later stage, battery refining and recycling elements in the scope of the JV.


Establishing itself as one of the largest in Europe, South Korean battery recycling firm Sungeel Hitech has inaugurated its factory in Hungary with a capacity of 50,000 tons of battery packs (equivalent to about 25,000 tons of battery cells).

Other organizations offering solutions.

  • 1. Redwood Materials: Nevada-based Redwood Materials aims to become the world’s top battery recycling company
  • 2. Li-Cycle: Li-Cycle describes itself as a closed-loop lithium-ion resource recovery company and, like Redwood Materials.
  • 3. Aceleron: UK-based clean technology company Acceleron claims to have created the world's most durable lithium battery pack using new technology.
  • 4. ReCell Center: The US Department of Energy's ReCell Center is a collaboration of academia, industry, and national laboratories working to improve lithium-ion recycling techniques.
  • 5. Global Battery Alliance: The Global Battery Alliance (GBA) of the World Economic Forum is a public-private collaboration of organizations arguing that a circular battery value chain
  • 6. Lohum Cleantech: Ranked among the top EV battery recycling companies in India, Lohum is considered one of the most comprehensive end-to-end battery solution providers in the country.


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