What is BamBam Russia pictures controversy?

BamBam, the singer and rapper of boy band Got7, is facing the wrath of Ukrainian fans. He had posted some pictures on his Instagram which were about some good times he had spent in Russia. On this, the fans of BamBam from Ukraine got upset. BamBam then apologized on Twitter after Russia Controversy.

if i upset some of u guys
i want to apologize

but…you guys should know
in that post is alot of photos from different country

y’all come attack me like that
do you think is a right thing to do?

Bam Bam on Twitter

BamBam Russia controversy

Some Ukrainian fans say that they expect an artist like BamBam to show some sensitivity in such times. While Russia is committing war crimes in Ukraine, thousands of people are being killed in Ukraine because of the Russian war, children are killed, many women are raped by Russian soldiers. If BamBam can’t write anything against this war, then at least don’t promote Russia in your photos.

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hate comments against Bam Bam

Fans came for rescue

His other fans have opposed the apology sought by BamBam. They says that BamBam has the right to post whatever he wants. This is his life.

Yes, it has nothing to do with the fit, thinking too much about it. his caption is also only tb 2017-2019 -_- there is no mention of anything…….. only because of the location of the photo in russia TT

A fan on Twitter

All the pictures are memories of Ahgase as well. no need to apologize I’m even glad that Bam took the picture that day out to share for you to see again. Some images have never been seen before. But when I saw it, it made me think back to that day. Thank you for posting it for Ahgase to see.

A fan on Twitter

After protests from fans, South Korean rapper BamBam has deleted photos of him in Russia.

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2 thoughts on “What is BamBam Russia pictures controversy?”

  1. He didn’t apologize. Moreover, he came to Twitter and turned his fans against the Ukrainian nation, who are ready to justify Nazism and genocide, just to please the artist. It’s disgusting

  2. The whole world united against “russia”, it kills people, kids, rapes women, ruins the cities. Is it right to share good memories which are connected with terrorists and murdures?


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