10 Indian cities facing water scarcity

10 Indian cities facing water scarcity

The problem of water is not running out of water but its all about how to allocate a fixed resource. The country is staring at a grave due to the water crisis and affecting human life. According to the Union Ministry of Agriculture, the groundwater level has fallen alarmingly from India’s looming water crisis. A … Read more

Ashu Malik of SP winning Saharanpur Seat in 2022 UP assembly elections

saharanpur seat uttar pradesh 2022 elections

Ashu Malik of Samajwadi Party leading on Saharanpur Seat by huge margin. Check trends. O.S.N. Candidate Party EVM Votes Postal Votes Total Votes % of Votes 1 Ajab Singh Bahujan Samaj Party 62354 283 62637 24.1 2 Ashu Malik Samajwadi Party 106716 291 107007 41.18 3 JAGPAL SINGH Bharatiya Janata Party 75956 306 76262 29.35 … Read more

Sanjeev Agarwal of BJP winning Bareilly Cantt. Seat in 2022 UP elections

who is winning bareilly cantt

Ground Report | New Delhi: Sanjeev Agarwal of BJP Leading on Bareilly Cantt. Seat. Check out results. O.S.N. Candidate Party EVM Votes Postal Votes Total Votes % of Votes 1 ANIL KUMAR Bahujan Samaj Party 1454 0 1454 2.13 2 MOHD. ISLAM ANSARI Indian National Congress 960 0 960 1.41 3 SUPRIYA ARON Samajwadi Party … Read more

How did Ukraine as a separate country come into existence?

How did Ukraine as a separate country come into existence

Ground Report|New Delhi: Existence of Ukraine; Ukraine is a part of Eastern Europe, the second-largest country after Russia came into existence in 1991 when the Union of  Soviet Socialist Republic(USSR) collapsed into 15 Countries. Europe is the second-largest country in Europe. Ukraine’s war of  Independence after the Russian Revolution in 1918 was overthrown by the … Read more

What is Donald Trump’s ‘Truth social, how to download this app?

What is Donald Trump’s ‘Truth social, how to download this app

Ground Report | New Delhi: How to download Truth social Trump; Former President of US Donald Trump’s new social media venture,  launched his social media app “Truth Social” after he was banned from Twitter along with Facebook and Youtube.  Why is Truth Social launched? Trump announced plans to launch the new app in 2021 after … Read more

History of formation of “MIZORAM”

History of formation of "MIZORAM"

Ground Report|New Delhi: History of Mizoram; Land of Mizos or Lushai Hills presently known as Mizoram, state of India named by the British administrative unit in 1947. History Between 1750 and 1850 the Mizo tribes migrated from the nearby Chin Hills, subjugated the indigenous peoples, and comprehended them into their own society. Lushai Hills was … Read more

Relevancy of Gupkar alliance in Kashmir?

Relevancy of Gupkar alliance in Kashmir?

Ground Report | New Delhi: Gupkar Alliance has been issued to the press by six political parties of Jammu and Kashmir. In the Gupkar Declaration The National Conference (NC), The Peoples Democratic Party (DP), Indian National Congress, J&K Peoples Conference, the CPI (M), and the Awami National Conference have vowed to fight collectively against the … Read more

Awaited LIC IPO coming at the wrong time, will it be disaster?

LIC IPO is coming in the wrong time, will it be disaster?

Ground Report | New Delhi: LIC IPO; The IPO is expected to be the biggest to date with an issue of size 5% of its total equity with the motto “People’s money for people’s welfare”. It is expected to become the largest company in the Indian Stock Market by market cap on the listing. The … Read more

‘I am not Sir. I hope you can make that out’, said Justice Rekha Palli to lawyer

Justice Rekha Palli, don't call me sir

When the lawyer said the reason for addressing her as “sir” was because of the chair she was sitting in, Delhi High Court Justice  Rekha Palli said it was worse to think that a judge’s chair was for men, ‘Stop Differentiating’. Delhi High Court Judge Justice Rekha Palli was irked during the hearing of a … Read more

Eligibility for women to become DTC Bus Driver in Delhi

DTC bus Driver job

DTC Bus Driver in Delhi | Ground Report | New Delhi: Kailash Gahlot, Transport Minister has relaxed the height and experience for the recruitment of women driver for DTC and cluster buses in the budget 2022-23. Eligibility for DTC Women Driver To encourage women to take up driving jobs, Transport Department release Statement, the maximum … Read more