Is Facebook Dying, Why People Losing Interest In It?

is facebook dying why people losing interest in it

Ground Report | New Delhi: Is Facebook Dying? Facebook has been around for about 18 years since it was first started in 2004. The story of how it came into being is quite remarkable told in David Fincher’s oscar-winning movie called ‘The Social Network. Since, its inception, the social media platform has grown significantly, beyond … Read more

Organic Farming And Its Scope

Organic Farming And Its Scope

With the introduction of industries, new technologies and methods have been introduced in the farming sector which is adopted by farmers for making farming a dependable source of income and secure employment. But in recent times, indiscriminate use of chemicals in the form of fertilizers and pesticides in agriculture has ruined the soil and killed … Read more

Impact of climate change on agriculture in Kashmir

Climate Change and concern of Jammu and Kashmir

Like other states the impact of climate change in Kashmir is very much visible as a drastic reduction in yields of crops like rice, maize, wheat, barley, pulses and oilseeds can be seen. The impact is also very serious because the area of Kashmir is mono- cropped.This article will try to highlight some of the … Read more

‘Fraud’ Shopping pages on Instagram Looting Customers

'Fraud' Shopping pages on Instagram Looting Customers

Sai* (name withheld) was going through her friends’ stories on Instagram when suddenly she came across a sponsored story. The story had a video of some “beautiful” outfits and Sai could not contain her patience and clicked on the page. The page was full of aesthetic videos of beautiful dresses that prompted her to see … Read more

Apple Scab Outbreak: Apple Growers Under Stress in Kashmir

Jammu & Kashmir witnessing brunt Of Climate Change

The ascomycete fungus Venturia inaequalis is the common cause of apple scab, a disease that affects a lot of plants in the rose family (Rosaceae). Although several plant genera, including Sorbus, Cotoneaster, and Pyrus, are affected by this disease, it is most frequently linked to the infection of Malus trees, especially cultivars of flowering crabapple … Read more