As a Brahmin woman, no one should teach me Hinduism: Mamata Banerjee

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has said that the BJP is trying to divide politics in Bengal. She added that the people would respond appropriately to the BJP’s communal propaganda.

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“Bengalis are ready to teach the Suu Kyi authorities a lesson,” she said. The people cannot be divided on the basis of ’70:30 vote share. We are all equal ‘, Mamata said.

Mamata Banerjee said authorities were using Hindu-Muslim cards. ‘I come from a Brahmin family. No one should teach me Hindu Dharma ‘, Mamata said.

Mamata Banerjee chanted a mantra at a party meeting in Nandigram. Mamata Banerjee will file her nomination papers in Nandigram on Wednesday.

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Mamta said, ‘Those who are playing the Hindu-Muslim card, I want to tell them clearly that I too am a girl from a Hindu family. Don’t play Hindu cards with me.

Ever since the announcement of contesting elections from Nandigram, BJP has started calling Mamata an outsider. In retaliation on Tuesday, Mamta said, ‘Some people are saying that I am an outsider. 

How can I become an outsider when I am from Bengal? And the people coming from Delhi are not outsiders? Are the goons coming from Rajasthan not outsiders? If I am an outsider, I would not have been the Chief Minister.

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The Chief Minister dismissed BJP’s allegations of being anti-Hindu. He said that she is a Brahmin and knows more about Hindu rituals than the leaders of the saffron party. 

Also challenged that if anyone has doubts about my religion, I am willing to argue with him and compete in the text of Hindu verses. Mamta will worship Shivaratri on Thursday in Nandigram.

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