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Aditya Tiwari a boy from Jalalpur brutally killed in a dispute over a girl

who was aditya tiwari killed by muslims in bihar

A violent clash broke out between a group of two students in a high school in Jalalpur, Saran district of Bihar, in which class 10 student Aditya Tiwari was stabbed to death.

This murder happened due to a dispute over a girl studying in their coaching. The police have detained two accused students Shahid and Arshad in the Kopa police station in this case. The third accused Taif who is being told as the main conspirator of this incident is absconding.

#JusticeForAditya | What is the whole matter?

Three students named Taif, Shahid, and Arshad stabbed Aditya Tiwari to death, at the coaching center where they use to study.

There was a dispute between Aditya and Taif over a girl studying in the coaching which turned violent. This coaching center runs in Bhatkesari market. On Tuesday, two student groups got into a dispute over a girl in the coaching.

Aditya had warned the accused to stay away from the girl, due to which when Aditya reached the school on Wednesday to appear for the examination, they stabbed him to death. After this incident school has been shut down for a while.

The police have arrested two accused Shahid and Arshad in this case. The third accused who is the main conspirator is absconding. Police are trying to find him by conducting raids. Taif had posted “Khela Hoi” on social media, after which the whole crime took place.

Aditya was admitted to the Jalalpur health center where he died. After the death of Aditya, the relatives are in a bad condition. #JusticeForAditya is trending on Twitter.

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