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Love Story: How Iqra became Ishiqa to marry Rahul in Mandsaur?

Iqra to Ishika for Rahul

These days a story is becoming quite viral that the daughter of Khadim of Ajmer Dargah has married a Hindu boy. How did Iqra become Ishika? Actually this news is misleading, the girl who became Ishika from Iqra has no relation with Ajmer. Let’s know what is the reality.

Interfaith marriage between Iqra and Rahul

Actually, a Muslim girl Iqra has married Rahul Verma in Mandsaur, Madhya Pradesh. Both of them were in love with each other for the last three years. The girl is a resident of Jodhpur, Rajasthan, while the boy’s father lives in Mandsaur. Rahul lived in the neighborhood of Iqra in Jodhpur, here is the house of his maternal grandparents, Rahul grew up with his maternal grandparents since childhood.

Iqra and Rahul Marraige Mandsaur

Iqra and Rahul were minors when they fell in love. When both became adults, both of them ran away from home and made a plan for marriage. The family members of Rahul had no objection to this marriage. He got both of them married in the Gayatri temple by getting a court marriage done in Udaipur.

The girl was converted before marriage. Her name was changed from Iqra to Ishika. The girl says that she has adopted Hinduism of her own free will. He is also in danger from his family members after this marriage.

Rahul’s age is 21 years now and Iqra’s age is 19 years. The girl has studied only till 9th ​​standard while Rahul is currently completing his studies.

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