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Sagar: Dalit child tortured in Jain Temple on the day of forgiveness

dailt child tortured in jain temple of Sagar

Read in Hindi: Rakesh Jain, a priest of Siddhayatan Jain Temple located in Karila area of ​​Sagar district in MP, tortured a 10-11-year-old Dalit child by tying him with a rope for eating holy almonds. This video is viral on social media. It is being told that this child had taken the almonds being used for worship in the temple. An angry priest beat the child badly.

It can be clearly seen in the video that Rakesh Jain has tied the child’s hands with a rope and the child is crying loudly “Uncle ji leave me, Uncle ji leave me…” The child kept pleading for help by saying Uncle Ji Bachalo… but the ruthless priest does not take pity on him.

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Dalit child tortured in Sagar

In this matter, a case has been registered against the accused Rakesh Jain in Moti Nagar police station for forcibly taking the child hostage, and assaulting a child under the SC-ST Act.

It is being told that the child was standing outside the Jain temple. Rakesh Brahmachari, who was present there, became suspicious of the child and took the child to the temple premises and beat him up by tying him with a rope.

Moti Nagar police station in-charge Satish Singh told that the family members of the child have come and lodged a complaint in the police station and on their complaint, a case has been registered against the accused Rakesh for beating the child and making him hostage under SC-ST Act. Now soon the accused will be arrested and presented in court and sent to jail.

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Paryushan festival of Jainism is ending today, on this day all the Jains apologize to each other for their mistakes and ask for forgiveness. It is believed that on this day the mistakes committed throughout the year are forgiven. Forgiveness is said to be the biggest dharma in Jainism. But there are also people like Rakesh Jain in society, who consider non-violence as their religion, who actually disguise themselves as a monk but do not have compassion in their minds.

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