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Some famous people around world who have changed religion to become Hindus

People influenced by this religion and take initiation. Every year a lot of celebrities are also included in those who adopt Hinduism.

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Some famous people around world who have changed religion to become Hindus

Hinduism is considered one of the oldest religions in the world. Many people in the world have been greatly influenced by its ideas and culture. Its people like peace and non-violence adopt millions around the world. But there are many people who are influenced by this religion and take initiation. Every year a lot of celebrities are also included in those who adopt Hinduism. 

Here is the list of such special people


Nayantara is a famous actress of South Indian films. She was born into a Christian family but in 2017 she embraced Hinduism. For this, she took initiation of religion in Aryasamaj temple in Chennai. 

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Julia Roberts:

Julia Roberts is a Hollywood actress. The famous American-born actress has acted in films like Notting Hill, My Best Friends Wedding and Eat, Pre, Love. During the shooting of Eat, Pre, Love in India in 2010, she was very influenced by Hinduism and she embraced Hinduism. Since then, she has declared herself a Hindu on several occasions.

John Coltrane:

He is an American musician. John was born into a Christian family. As he grew older, he gradually began to be influenced by Hinduism. Later he completely converted to Hinduism.

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Trevor Hall:

Trevor is an American singer, guitarist and songwriter. His music is also heavily influenced by Hinduism. His songs also have Sanskrit mantras. When he came to India in 2013, he was very much influenced by Hinduism, after which he accepted religion and lived the life of a monk in India.


The real name of KRS-One is Lawrence Krishna Parker. He is one of America's most famous rap singers. His name suggests that he is influenced by the Hindu god Krishna. He has also discussed his religious beliefs in his book 'The Gospel of Hip-Hop'. He has become very famous through his American rapper group 'Boogie Down Production'.

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Elizabeth Gilbert:

Elizabeth Gilbert became famous in 2006 for her memoir 'Eat, Pre, Love'. She is a writer. Her book was on the New York Times newspaper's list of best sellers for 199 weeks. Elizabeth came to India to seek inspiration to write her most famous book and at this time she accepted Hinduism.

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