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2nd Cheetah died in Kuno in a month, is India's Cheetah project failing?

A cheetah named Uday brought to India from South Africa, has died in Kuno National Park. This is the second case

By Pallav Jain
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cheetah died at kuno

A cheetah named Uday brought to India from South Africa, has died in Kuno National Park. This is the second case in a span of one month when a cheetah has died.

Earlier, a cheetah named Sasha, brought from Namibia, died on March 27 due to kidney failure.

This is a huge setback in the effort to reintroduce cheetahs in India.

Talking about the reasons for Uday's death, it is not clear yet.

Madhya Pradesh's Chief Conservator of Forests said in a statement that "a cheetah named Uday brought from South Africa to Kuno has died during treatment. The reasons are yet to be ascertained. Uday seemed ill since this morning, Cheetah was tranquilized after constant observation, and all necessary treatment was given to him, but Cheetah could not be saved."

"Seeing the critical condition of the Cheetah, he was brought to the isolation ward, and after treatment, he died at 4 pm."

India's Project Cheetah

Let us tell you that in February, the Government of India brought 12 cheetahs from South Africa to India. Earlier 8 cheetahs were brought from Namibia.

New names of cheetahs in Kuno national park

After two deaths the total number of cheetahs left in Kuno National Park is 22. In March, a cheetah named Siya has also given birth to 4 cubs.

Siyaya came to India from Namibia on 17 September. Siyaya's children are currently living in the pre-release enclosure. The gender of these cubs will be known as soon as Siyaya brings them in the open.

Cheetahs were extinct in India only in 1945. After this, the government has done the world's first intercontinental translocation with the aim of resettling the cheetahs in India.

The whole world is eyeing this project, if this project is successful then it will be a big achievement for India and will prove to be a milestone in saving the species of animals that are going extinct around the world.

Many experts have also opposed the scheme of bringing cheetahs from other continents to settle in India because of the involved risks.

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