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Yoga remains a ‘ray of hope’ as the world battles Covid: PM Modi

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Ground Report | New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday, on the occasion of the seventh International Yoga Day, said that on one hand the whole world is battling the corona pandemic, and on the other hand yoga remains a ray of hope.

He said, “For two years, there may not have been a big public event around the world including India, but the enthusiasm for Yoga Day has not diminished. Despite Corona, the theme of this year’s Yoga Day ‘Yoga for Wellness’ has increased the enthusiasm among crores of people.

“On Yoga Day, I wish that every country, every society, every person is healthy (Yoga Covid). Let everyone be each other’s strength. Our sages and sages gave this definition of ‘Samastam Yoga Uchte’. He had made yoga a parameter of restraint to remain equal in happiness and sorrow. Yoga has proved it in this global tragedy.

PM Modi said that in this era of Corona, many countries including India have faced crisis.

“Friends, for most of the countries of the world, Yoga Day is not their cultural festival. In such a difficult time, many countries could have easily forgotten it, but on the contrary, the enthusiasm of the people has increased, the love for yoga has increased. In the last one and a half years, lakhs of yoga seekers have become in every corner of the world.

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“The first principle of yoga is said to be restraint and discipline. Everyone is trying to bring him in their life. When the invisible virus of Corona had knocked in the world, then no country was ready for it by means, by strength and by mental state. We all have seen that in such difficult times, yoga has become a great medium of self-confidence.

Yoga Covid; “Yoga made people believe that we can fight this disease. When I talk to frontline warriors and doctors, they tell me that they made yoga a weapon in the fight against Corona. He used yoga for himself and for his patients.” Prime Minister Modi said on this occasion that medical science emphasizes healing as well as treatment and yoga is a healer in healing (Yoga Covid).

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“Experts of the world are doing research on this aspect of yoga. Friends, during the Corona period, many studies are being done on our body and immunity and the positive effects of yoga. “Yoga focuses on mental health along with physical health. When we do yoga, we feel that our thought power and inner strength are so much that no problem of the world can break us. Yoga shows us the way from negativity to creativity, from depression to exuberance.

PM Modi said that the world is going to get the power of a mobile application on yoga through the World Health Organization, in which many videos of yoga training will be available in many languages, which will play a big role in spreading it across the world. “Will show us a new path from yoga to cooperation. With these best wishes, many best wishes to the entire human race.”

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