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Wife of Russian soldier, ‘Rape Ukrainian women but use protection’

Rape Russian woman I allow

The Ukrainian Security Service has intercepted a phone call in which a Russian soldier is talking to his wife. In this audio clip, the woman is telling her husband that he can rape Ukrainian women. Don’t tell me about it but don’t forget to use protection.

This audio clip has been released by the Ukrainian security agency with a note explaining how Russian brutality is increasing in Ukraine.

Russian Soldier’s call intercepted

The Security Service of Ukraine released audio, according to which the wife of a Russian soldier has given her permission to rape.

  • Wife- You there rape Ukrainian woman and don’t tell me anything!
    You Understand (Laughs)
  • Soldier: Rape and not tell you anything?
  • Wife: Yes, So that I don’t know anything (laughs)
  • Soldier: Laughs
  • Wife: What?
  • Soldier: May I? Yes?
  • Wife: Yes, I allow. But use protection. (laughs)
    Soldier – Okay.
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War Crimes by Russian army in Ukraine

Let us tell you that many rape reports are coming out from Ukraine. Civilians are being vandalized in Russian-occupied cities. Russian soldiers are not only raping a large number of women, but there are also reports of many child rapes.

According to Denisova, Human Rights commissioner of Ukraine, a 14-year-old girl was raped by five Russian soldiers in Butcha, after which she became pregnant. At the same time, a 20-year-old girl was raped in Irpin city.

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