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Horrific war crimes by Putin’s chechen soldiers, Raped mother of two

Horrific war crimes by Putin’s chechen soldiers, Raped mother of two

Horrific war crimes led by the evil Chechen soldiers allegedly abducted and repeatedly raped a Ukrainian mother of two kids before killing her.

The Russian military allegedly abducted a Ukrainian woman from her home and repeatedly raped her before cutting her throat.

The Chechen military is accused of adding to Russia’s long list of indecent acts in Ukraine after they launched an invasion of the country on February 24.

According to reports, Tatiana Zadorozhnyak was detained by militants of Kadyrov’s battalion, led by the evil commander Ramzan Kadyrov, just as she was preparing to be evacuated from a house in Makarov near Kyiv.

The military, who were members of Kadyrov’s battalion led by one of Putin’s most brutal commanders, reportedly took her to a nearby house.

Tatiana waited for her friend to go together to avoid an offensive by the Russians.

She was then raped by soldiers because she was known to have been held captive for several days in the city.

It is said that the soldiers took her to a nearby house, where she was held captive and suffered their horrific cruelty for several days.

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When they had had enough, Tatiana had her throat cut and her body buried around March 15 in the garden behind the building.

The Chechen soldier who killed her was reportedly executed by the Russian army.

A scary video shows bloody sheets in a looted house left behind by evil Chechen soldiers who allegedly raped their mother.

According to neighbors, the community was powerless to help Tatiana, as they were also kept in their own homes and fired from machine guns as they left.

Only a year earlier, Tatiana had lost her husband to Covid-19, and now pathetic photos have been taken of her lonely dog ​​Rini, who is still sitting outside their house.

Who are the Chechen soldiers

The Chechens are part of the Russian National Guard Squad, which Putin has stationed in Ukraine. These fighters are known for their fighting skills. They are notorious for their tactics. Russia also used these fighters in Iraq and Syria.

Russia occupied the Chechens in 1990, it wanted to become a separate country as an Islamic State. Right now there is a pro-Russian government, Its leader Ramzan Kadyrov has sent his army to Ukraine to support Russia. To fight these, the Azov fighters of Ukraine are using pork dipped bullets.

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According to some historians, up to half of the people died as a result of this process. Years later, during the period of “de-Stalinization”, the Chechen people were allowed to return to their homeland under the leadership of Nikita Khrushchev. The European Union recently declared deportation a genocide. war crimes chechen soldiers)

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