Why private schools force parents to buy expensive books and uniforms?

Somewhere your child does not study in the same private school where you are pressurized to get expensive uniforms and books. Now you don’t have to worry because the Delhi government Thursday has passed the orders to private schools asking them not to force parents to buy expensive uniforms and books from the school or specific vendors, and warned of rigid action if the practice continued.

Deputy CM Manish Sisodia tweeted on Thursday that now private schools in Delhi will no longer be able to force parents to buy uniforms and books from their suggested shops. It will mandatory for every school to issue a list of at least five nearby shops from where books and clothes can be bought. Strict action will be taken against schools violating the order.

Private schools were run based on “no profit no loss” which had no scope of “profit maximisation and commercialisation”, an order from the Directorate of Education(DoE) said. It further included that private schools provide parents with the freedom to buy books and uniforms from any place of their preference.

What’s in the order?

The order instructed schools to display the names, telephone numbers and addresses of at least five shops close near to the school where books and uniforms could be purchased. Schools will also have to display the class-wise list of books and uniform instructions for the next session well in advance on the school website.

The order also restricted schools from changing the design, colour or any other specifications of uniforms, once prescribed, for at least the next three years.

Sisodia said on the order that this will give a sigh of relief and freedom to parents to purchase uniforms and books for their children in their comfort.

Why do Private schools force parents to buy expensive uniforms and books?

Deviating from their main objective of education, today private schools are focusing only on “profit maximisation”. They only force parents to buy expensive uniforms and books from their given shops to earn a commission.

The main cause for education should be to “nurture the future of the nation, not minting money”, Sisodia said. Nowadays private schools also compel children to take their name’s bags, covers, pencils, etc for their “marketing”.

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