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Why #justiceforspongebob is trending on twitter?

Lets find out why all of a sudden, justice is being sought for Sponge Bob on Twitter #justiceforspongebob

By Pallav Jain
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justice for sponge bob trending

Sponge Bob is an American animated TV series created by marine science educator and animator Stephen Hillenburg for Nickelodeon. This is an adventure series in which Sponge Bob and his aquatic friends live inside a fictional underwater city Bikini Bottom. It is the 5th longest running American animated series. It is also the highest revenue-generating animated series for Paramount Pictures. As of 2019, Paramount Pictures has earned 13 billion dollars from it. Now let's investigate why all of a sudden, justice is being sought for Sponge Bob on Twitter. #justiceforspongebob

#justiceforspongebob Fan Made version struck down

Actually a fan made version of this series was released, which has been banned by Paramount Pictures citing copyright infringement. Fans say it was a great fan made picture, Paramount Pictures shouldn't have struck it down. This movie was released on YouTube under the name of Sponge Bob Movie Rehydated, which was well appreciated by the fans. It took 2 years to make it. Creators hard work has gone in vain due to the Paramount Pictures strike. For this reason, people on Twitter are demanding justice for Sponge Bob #justiceforspongebob

What Copyright law says?

According to the law, any artwork is the intellectual property of the creators, copying it in any way is considered a violation of copyright. Its original creators can strike for copyright infringement and can also seek compensation for their loss.

Those who are demanding justice for Sponge Bob say that the character's voice and animation have been recreated in a recreational work. Only the concept of the original movie has been used. So how did this copyright infringement happen? And the future animators are prepared with fan made movies and they are encouraged.

What creators said?

We all worked on this project for 2 years and poured in original animation, art, voice acting, music, and everything. We volunteered for this project and made ZERO money off of it. We did it all to dedicate this to Stephen Hillenburg and the show he made.


Paramount shouldn't have struck it down as it only promotes the original work and creates publicity. But in this capitalist world, big companies keep suppressing small artists in the name of copyright says one twitter user.

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