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Traveler requests railways to change the color of sheets, Reason is hilarious

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A video is going viral on Instagram, where a passenger requests the railways to change the color of the sheets found in the AC coach because people sleeping with white sheets look like it is a mortuary.

In the video, the passenger shows how people sleep with white sheets giving the feeling of dead in a morgue. The passenger requested that Indian railways should replace white sheets with colored ones because it is very scary to sleep at night. His demand seems fair but there are many reasons, why bedsheets are being used in Railways, Hospitals, and many Hotels.

Why does Railway provide only white bedsheets?

Railway sheets are laundered and bleached very aggressively to prevent the transmission of bacteria and viruses. Only white sheets can withstand this kind of treatment.

You’ll find some odd colorful blankets too at times. The sheets and pillows are white because they are easier to maintain, wash and iron as there is no color that may fade away. Plus a clean white sheet gives a sense of cleanliness and comfort.

In hospitals and even in hotels, you must have seen that only white sheets are used. The main reason for this is cleanliness. They have to be washed very rigorously to keep them bacteria-free. Blood stains and other stains can be easily seen on the white color.

If the passengers were given faded colored sheets, they would feel that it is old. Whereas with white it is not a problem. Seeing the washed white sheet gives a sense of hygiene.

Indian Railways restarted the services of providing bedrolls and blankets in the passenger trains on March 10. The Railways stopped providing the services inside trains due to COVID-19. However, Railways resume the services of giving blankets in the AC coaches of trains. The linen includes pillows, blankets, sheets, and towels in a sealed cover.

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