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Home » Why Boycott KFC is trending, What’s the whole matter?

Why Boycott KFC is trending, What’s the whole matter?

Why Boycott KFC is trending, What's the whole matter

Ground Report | New Delhi: Why Boycott KFC is trending; KFC, the fast-food behemoth, has recently been embroiled in controversy. KFC found itself trending on Twitter with the hashtag #BoycottKFC.

The tweet read, “we stand together this Kashmir solidarity day, to realize their right o freedom

Twitter user wrote “Ok .. One more needs azaadi .. KFC this time.. Jai Ho … This is almost becoming target practice for indian consumers.. Go ahead india . Join the #FitIndia movement today. Flag of India #BoycottKFC #NewIndia”

Another user wrote “In 2021, KFC Pakistan posted about freedom of Kashmir on Facebook.International companies should understand that Pakistan is using them, their investment & their brands as tool against India’s Kashmir It’ll negatively affect business of companies”

Another user wrote “Every brand should realise that this is not old india…this is new india won’t tolerate anything on national sovereignty #BoycottKFC”

“Since morning first we #BoycottHyundaiindia than #Boycottkia and now its turn of #BoycottKFC These foreign companies earning so much money from India and not even have control over their disgruntled staff.. so they should understand the Unity of India. #MakeInIndia” another user said.

Another user said “All the Termites Doing Business in India, Taking Our money & Singing Pakistan Tune on Kashmir Have to be Thrown out. After Hyundai, Its KFC. NO MORE BUSINESS FROM INDIA FOR THESE COMPANIES. Boycott KFC.”

First #BoycottHyundaiindia now KFC and there also many other MNC’s they earn from India and do anti-india propaganda… @indiangovs Govt. Of India must take a hard action against all these MNC’s, A user said.

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