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Why #BanDhruvRathee trending in India?

Ground Report | New Delhi: Why #BanDhruvRathee trending in India?; Ban Dhruv Rathee Youtuber is trending on Twitter, Dhruv is very active on social media platforms, especially on Twitter and YouTube. He usually takes on topics related to politics, scandals, current social causes. However, his work was not always appreciated.

Similarly, he recently posted a video related to RAFAEL which got very bad reviews. Some people even called him a liar. As in the video, Dhruv Rathee revealed some facts that were not true and were misinterpreted. This generates a lot of publicity and many other Social media users raised the issue and demanded their BAN.

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Moreover, hashtags like Ban Dhruv Rathi are now trending on Twitter. This is a huge drop for Dhruv Rathee’s career.

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One of the twitter user Wrote, #DhruvRathee : India was partitioned based on demand for Islamic and Secular governments. Also Dhruv Rathee : Savarkar demanded partition (So Savarkar was secular?)

Another user wrote Ban Dhruv Rathee #BanDhruvRathee Hey you @dhruv_rathee , it means should we put #JustinBieber ‘s picture on notes instead of #Mahatma_Gandhi ?as according to your sense Mahatma Gandhi’s picture is also not as beautiful and attractive. Kahna kya chahte ho ?

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Another user wrote Why take anyone seriously? We must start reading books and learn the truth ourselves. We must not believe what people say. Books have the contribution of many people and fact checks are also done properly. YouTube & online content is not really reliable. Even news content is driven by young people who still need to learn a lot. Nobody has time to check the facts so quickly. Anyone can contribute to Wikipedia. Anyone can start their own website. Best way is to read books by educated authors and reliable publication houses.

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