Why are people trolling NDTV on Amit Shah’s ‘Gujarat 2002 Lesson’ Speech?

Union Home Minister Amit Shah had said in an election rally that earlier anti-social elements used to indulge in violence in Gujarat because Congress supported them. But when he was taught a ‘lesson’ in 2002, he stopped such activities. In this way, BJP established ‘permanent peace in the state.

On Friday, NDTV’s Twitter account tweeted “They learned a lesson in 2002, there is permanent peace in Gujarat: Amit Shah”. Later NDTV deleted the tweet after many users commented on Amit Shah’s true statement.

Speaking at a rally organized in support of the BJP candidate in Mahuda in the Kheda district of Gujarat, Shah said, “There used to be a lot of communal riots in Gujarat before 1995 under the Congress rule.

“The Congress has been inciting different communities and castes against each other. Due to such riots, Congress has strengthened its vote and has done injustice to a large section of society. 

Shah claimed that Gujarat witnessed riots in 2002 because the perpetrators had a habit of indulging in violence due to the prolonged support they received from Congress.

“But after being taught a lesson in 2002, these elements left this path (of violence). They refrained from indulging in violence from 2002 to 2022. BJP established permanent peace in Gujarat by taking strict against those who engage in violence”. communal violence,” the Union minister said.


Owaisi replied on Amit Shah’s statement

Now on this statement of Amit Shah, AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi has said that he (Amit Shah) has taught a lesson to free the criminals.

Addressing a public meeting on Friday in Juhapura, a Muslim township in Gujarat, Owaisi said, “Amit Shah made a statement during a public rally that peace was established in the state because of the lessons we taught him in 2002. I would like to tell the MP of this area and the home minister of the country that the lesson you taught was that you will spare those who raped Bilkis. You taught this lesson that you will spare those who killed her daughter in front of Bilkis. Amit Shah taught that Ehsan Jafri would be killed.

“Remember, nothing is done by teaching a lesson, peace is strengthened only when justice is done to the oppressed.”

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