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How to convert your old car into electric car in Delhi

How to convert your old car into electric car in Delhi
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Ground Report | New Delhi: How to convert your old car into electric car; It is known that diesel cars are not allowed in Delhi NCR after 10 years and petrol cars are not allowed in Delhi NCR after 15 years. Because of this many people who live in the city, opt for a petrol car. Now, the government has allowed diesel cars in Delhi after 10 years if they retrofit their vehicle with an electric kit and convert the diesel vehicle into an electric vehicle.

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On Twitter, Delhi Transport Minister Kailash Gahlot declared that diesel cars older than ten years will only be allowed to operate in the city if their engines are replaced with totally electric drivetrains. The government intends to appoint a number of EV conversion kit manufacturers to carry out the work.

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Here’s how you can convert your old car into an electric one.

  1. There are few companies in India which can convert your car into electric. e-Trio, India’s first certified retrofitting company is one of them. You can get your vehicle fitted with an all-electric drivetrain.
  2. The cost of getting this retrofitting starts around ₹5 lakhs if you want a range of around 80 kms on a single charge. This cost can go up to ₹7 lakhs for a drivable range of up to 150 kms.
  3. It goes without saying that the diesel engine will be removed, and the space it took up be utilised to house an electric motor, a high-voltage wiring circuit, and control units for the EV system. 
  4. Where you can fit the battery varies by battery capacity and how much space is available within the subframe of a particular diesel car. Usually, the cars with the most/largest battery packs for maximum range are large in size as well.
  5. Electric vehicles are expected to be more reliable than internal combustion engines (ICEs) since they have fewer moving parts.
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