Why is Kerala lesbian couples Noora and Adhila trending?

The couple Noora and Adhila were seen in wedding attire at a photo shoot. After fighting a court battle against their birth families, who were against their relationship, the couple stepped on a new journey.

Adhila filed a habeas corpus petition, as she feared her partner Fathima was ‘abducted’ by her family. Through the court, Adhila demanded Fathima’s family make their daughter appear in court. In June 2022, the court re-united the lovers, against the wishes of their families.

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In an interview with BBC, they mentioned how they miss nothing from the past. 

Although the couple has the sanction from the Kerala High Court to be together, but they can’t be legally married in India. There are petitions against this in the High Court and the Supreme Court of India. Supreme court decriminalised gay sex in 2018 after a decades-long legal battle. The stigma in society still persists.

They say it can be frustrating when filling up the forms, or at the workplace. 

The couple met for the first time in a school in Saudi Arabia. When they told about their relationship with their families, it met with resistance. Even to an extent of the alleged abduction. The couple continued their fight in the court. The support group which they reached out to suggested them complete their studies, and become financial secure. When they became financially independent they started living together. 

They stress the importance of being financially independent, and how it changes your decision-making and even self-worth, particularly for the people from LGBTQ+ community.

“Having a job is very important in being able to live your own life…The financial security means you are not at the mercy of someone else.”

Ms Noora said to BBC

Viral Photos

In the viral photos, the couple can be seen wearing beautiful wedding dresses and embracing In several pictures, the couple is seen exchanging rings and solidifying their relationship. The photoshoot was done through ‘Vowtape by Ashiq Rahim’. 

According to BBC, the photoshoot was conducted under a canopy by the seaside in Ernakulam district.

There were part of several other couple who participated in the photoshoot.

Posting the pictures on Instagram, they wrote,

It was a memorable day for both of us as it was our first photoshoot & also @unaisa_subair & @lujain_subair who did our makeup were very cool with us which made us comfortable♥️. Came to know some more broad minded people @lujain_subair & @unaisa_subair .♥️ 

While there is an outpour of love for the couple in these pictures, there is constant troll abuse, and harassment also. Some people still consider sexuality as a ‘phase’.


There have been conversations to the point of legalising same-sex marriages. There is an increasing conversation of the same in South Asia also, with Singapore, and Taiwan heading in the same direction. Although, the conversation comes to a standstill when it does reach beyond the echo chambers or the timelines of social media.

In a recent promotional interview, Bollywood actor Ayushmann Khurrana said his film Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan didn’t work at the box office because India is a homophobic country. Obviously, the actor received a backlash from the people, as well as the LGBTQ+ community. The actor’s comment was more observational than empirical. But, I believe there is some truth to it as well. The story of Noora, and Adhila is an example of the same. The families didn’t support the decision and tried everything to not let the couple be together.

Amidst all this, the judiciary comes to the rescue. The judiciary functions as a baton of hope for the marginalised, and upholding individual rights at the same time while pushing them towards a progressive direction is a big heads up.  At least, high courts and supreme courts seem to be doing the aforementioned thing.

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