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Who was emperor Mihir Bhoj, controversy over his statue

Who was emperor Mihir Bhoj, controversy over his statue
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Ground Report | New Delhi: Who was emperor Mihir Bhoj; Despite the controversy, All India Veer Gurjar Mahasabha on Sunday installed the statue of Emperor Mihir Bhoj and former Delhi ruler Raja Anangpal in village Anangpur. Gurjar Mahasabha had claimed the presence of Gurjar office bearers from 16 states in the program.

The Rajput society had opposed this program expressing their objection to Emperor Mihira Bhoja and King Anangpal being described as Gurjars. He said that both these rulers were Rajputs. The Rajput society had also given a complaint to the police to stop this program of idol installation. On the other hand, Gurjar Mahasabha had called both of them Gurjars by citing old inscriptions, books, and texts of foreign travelers.

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On behalf of the police, the officials of the Gurjar Mahasabha were called and asked to cancel the program, but they flatly refused it. Now the police are preparing to file a case against the organizers for violation of Covid rules.

Who was emperor Mihir Bhoj

According to Rajendra Panwar, principal of Mihir Bhoj PG College, King Mihira Bhoja ruled between 836-885 CE with Kanauj (in present-day UP), known as Panchala, serving as his capital. . has been installed.

Early in his reign, Bhoja reversed the defeats suffered by his father Rambhadra. He successfully conquered Malwa, Deccan, and Gujarat, and gradually rebuilt the empire with conquests over the regions of Rajputana and Madhya Pradesh. Former Delhi chief minister, (late) Sahib Singh Verma named NH-24 after Mihira Bhoj during his tenure”.

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Mihir Bhoj is considered to be the greatest king of the Pratihara dynasty. He ruled for about 50 years. His empire was vast and under which he used to come in the states of modern India, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Orissa, Gujarat, Himachal etc.

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Mihir Bhoja was a devotee of Lord Vishnu and was also considered Adivara in some coins. A place named Mehroli was named after him. Parts of National Highway 24 are known as Gurjara Samrat Mihirbhos Marg.

Mihir Bhoj ruled 49 years

Emperor Mihir Bhoj ruled for 49 years from 836 to 885 AD. Mihir Bhoj’s empire extended from Multan to West Bengal and from Kashmir to Karnataka. These religions were the ultimate devotees of the demon emperor Shiva.

Details about the life of Emperor Mihir Bhoj in Prabhas Khand of Skanda Purana. After ruling for 50 years, he handed over the throne to his son Mahendra Pal and went to the forest for Sanyasavrita.

Emperor Mihir Bhoj was declared the biggest enemy of Islam in a book called Srilite Turikh, written during the travels of the Arab traveler Suleiman in 851 AD. It has also praised the great army of Mihir Bhoja, with the borders of the Rajkuta kingdom in the south of the state of Mihir Bhoja, the Bengal in the east of Bengal touched the boundaries and boundaries of the rulers of Multan.

What’s the controversy?

On Sunday, ahead of CM Yogi Adityanath’s scheduled visit, some Rajput community organizations protested the incident, claiming that Mihir Bhoj was not a Gurjar, as claimed by Gujjar bodies. All India Kshatriya Mahasabha and Karni Sena were among the protesting organizations. However, the issue was resolved later in the day when several Gurjar and Rajput leaders joined hands.

The controversy that started in the city due to the installation of the statue of King Mahir Bhojan is not taking its name to stop. Because Gujjar community is telling King Mihir Bhoj as their own and Kshatriya people are telling theirs. 

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The Kshatriya Mahasabha on Tuesday blocked the Gole Ka Mandir crossroads for planting Gurjar in front of King Mihir’s food. On receiving information about the jam, the police force reached the spot. However, there was a jam for a long time and the protest went on. Later, on the advice of the police and administration, the jam was opened.

It is noteworthy that the statue of King Mihir Bhoj was installed in the city in the past. Then the people of the Gurjar community had told Raja Mihir Bhoj of their community. Later, the people of the Gurjar community gave evidence on their behalf in this regard by holding a press conference. 

After this, the Kshatriya community also came to the fore and he told King Mihir Bhoj as his own. Also said that if King Mihir Bhoj is Kshatriya and Gujjars consider it as their own, then leave the reservation. After this the controversy deepened. After this, the people of Kshatriya community blocked the Gole ka Mandir crossroads on Tuesday.

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