Who is Shahid Jameel; who quit government’s covid panel

Govt was not taking right Decision, says Shahid Jameel

Ground Report | New Delhi: Who is Shahid Jameel: Shahid Jameel, chairman of the Scientific Advisor Group of the country’s consortium, which has identified the changing nature and symptoms of the corona virus in the country, resigned from his post.

Shahid was responsible for identifying the genome structure of the virus. There are various discussions among scientists with Shahid’s resignation, but recently the internal confrontation with the central government is being considered as the main reason for his resignation.

Shahid Jameel wrote an article in the New York Times, in which he had some suggestions about covid, but due to the policy in the country, they are not being implemented. 

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Shahid had clearly written in his article that decisions are not being taken on the basis of data. This is why the epidemic spiraled out of control. 

However, he had mentioned in his article that he has full support from his colleagues regarding his suggestions and these people believe that his suggestions are useful in fighting covid. But his suggestions were not implemented by the government.

He had said that the government officials had made a mistake in January ahead of time, assuming that the epidemic was over, as per Indian Express.

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He wrote in the New York Times that it is not right to make decisions based on data, the epidemic in India has gone out of control. The human cost we are facing will leave a lasting mark.

Shahid also criticised the Supreme Court for his outspoken personality, the decision of the Supreme Court, in which the court decided to set up a task force for the supply of oxygen.

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