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Israel-Palestine Conflict: Kerala woman killed in rocket attack in Israel

Israel imposed emergency near Tel Aviv

Ground Report | NEWS DESK: The conflict between Israel and Palestine Arabs since last Friday is not taking the name of halting. Israel has declared an emergency after the riots in its city of Lod, near Tel Aviv.

Cars have been burnt in the load and 12 people have been injured in clashes. The mayor of the city says that a situation of civil war has been created in the city.

Violence in the city of Lod began with demonstrations by the Israeli Arabs and turned into a riot when protesters hurled stones at police and police used force against them.

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Kerala woman working in Israel died

However A Kerala woman working in Israel died on Tuesday in a Palestinian rocket attack. 

She said the rocket fell on 31-year-old Soumya’s house in Ashkelon city when she was talking to her husband Santosh in Kerala in the evening on a video call.

Santosh’s brother Saaji told that my brother heard loud voice during video call. Suddenly the phone was disconnected. Then we immediately contacted other Malayali people working there. This is how we came to know about the incident.

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Air raid on apartment in Gaza

Earlier in the latest incident of the conflict, Palestinian extremists have said that they have fired 130 missiles on the Israeli city of Tel Aviv. They carried out the attack to counter Israel’s air strike on a building in the Gaza Strip.

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Israel’s Ambassador to India has told that an Indian woman has also died in the Hamas attack.

Israel attacked a 13-story apartment in the Gaza Strip, according to news agency Reuters. He warned about an hour and a half before this and asked people to move out of the houses.

The Israeli army says that it is targeting extremists in Gaza in response to rocket attacks in its territory.

Since 2017, at least 31 people have lost their lives in the most serious violence between the two sides in the mid-east. Hundreds of people are injured.

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Three people have died in the Israeli region. At the same time, at least 28 Palestinians have been killed in the Israeli attack. The Palestinians say that many children have also died in the attacks.

The international community has appealed to both sides to stop the conflict. According to diplomats, the United Nations Security Council will meet on Wednesday to discuss the situation.

What is Jerusalem’s dispute?

After the Middle East war of 1967, Israel took control of East Jerusalem and considers the entire city as its capital.

However, the international community does not support it. Palestinians see East Jerusalem as the capital of an independent country of the future.

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