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Who is Ruchi Pathak? who said India is on lease for 99 years

Who is Ruchi Pathak? who said India is on lease for 99 years

Ground Report | New Delhi: Who is Ruchi Pathak; Controversy has erupted After Bharatiya Janata Party BJP Yuva Morcha activist Ruchi Pathak said that India is not completely free, but its independence is on lease for 99 years. She said that India didn’t get full freedom from the British but a 99-year lease deal from Britishers.

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Who is Ruchi Pathak

Ruchi Pathak is a BJP Yuva Morcha activist from Jhansi Uttar Pradesh. Ruchi Pathak says, “India was given a lease of independence for 99 years. Till now India is not fully independent.”

She further added that during the days of Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru in the freedom struggle, the English crown was not at all allowing India its independence, for that reason Nehru took the oath for the British Crown and not the Indian Constitution during the swearing ceremony as the Prime minister.

She said that ”After this, she also said that after its independence, the Indian national congress was formed in 1951 and blamed the INC for this leased independence of India”.

In a viral video on Social media, Ruchi Pathak said Nehru brought India her independence on a 99-years lease from the British Crown.

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Social media reaction

Filmmaker Vinod Kapri tweeted, ‘Whatsapp ne kya hal kar diya.’ NDTV Senior Editor Umashankar Singh shared the video of the BJP spokesperson and wrote in his tweet, ‘Look at more confidence.’ 

Shashi Tharoor, the Congress MP from Kerala’s Thiruvananthapuram, Tweeted, “I do not want India to be a country in which millions of people say yes to one man. I want a strong opposition.” ~Jawaharlal Nehru during the election campaign of 1951/2. How India has changed!70 years later we have a PM who wants “Congress-mukt Bharat”&has his pic on vax certs.

Another user wrote “Still if SM teams of @INCIndia or @AamAadmiParty or other opposition parties don’t do anything on FB and Whatsapp and just remain happy that their tweet got few hundred RTs then they are not going to win against BJP.. not anytime soon”

“This is no laughing matter. No matter how idiotic or ridiculous this may seem, this will get shared in sanghi echo chambers and resonate with them. Look how she is trying to paint the constitution as some foreign object ruling over us” another user wrote on Twitter.

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