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The story of Randa Sedar, 8-year-old chess player from Palestine

Randa Sedar Chess Player

The 44th Chess Olympiad is going on in Mamallapuram near Chennai, India. This city is decorated with the slogans of Namma Chennai Namma chess. The center of attraction in all this is 8-year-old chess player Randa Sedar from Palestine. She is the youngest player in this Olympiad. At a young age, Sedar is adept at playing chess. It was not easy for her to come to India from war-torn Palestine. But she came to India and is winning everyone’s heart with her talent.

Randa Sedar is ranked second in the world for players of her age. On the second day of the tournament, Randa Sedar defeated Fahima Ali of Comoros in 39 moves. Randa may be young but big players find it difficult to understand her moves. Her height is so small that it is difficult for her to reach the chess board placed on the table. She sits on the chair with her knees bent and then plays.

Who is Randa Sedar?

Randa hails from the Hebron province of Palestine. She comes from a chess-playing family. She started playing chess at the age of 5. Sedar was taught to play chess by her father and is her coach. Her elder brother also plays chess and he is a FIED master.

Randa Sedar won the silver medal at the Palestine Women’s Chess Championship earlier this year.

In a country like Palestine, where the war is going on, girls are coming out from there and making their country shine in the world. It is a matter of great pride.

Randa is very fond of Indian rice and chicken tikka. Here players from all over the world are taking selfies with her. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin also met Sedar and he was very happy to meet her.

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