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Inspiring story of Achinta Sheuli, weightlifting gold winner at CWG 2022

The life of Achinta Sheuli, who won India the third gold in the Commonwealth Games 2022, is quite inspiring.

By Pallav Jain
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story of Achinta Sheuli

Weightlifter Achinta Sheuli has won India's third gold medal at the Birmingham Commonwealth Games 2022.

20-year-old Achinta from Deulpur village, West Bengal lifted 140 kg in snatch round and 160 kg in clean and jerk round. Overall, his record became 313 kg, which was 10 kg more than his nearest rival.

Achinta Sheuli's Family sacrificed for his dreams

The life of Achinta Sheuli, who won India the third gold in the Commonwealth Games 2022, is quite inspiring. He comes from a very poor family. He has reached this stage only through his hard work and the sacrifice of his family. Let us tell you how much Achinta has struggled in his life.

Achinta's brother, who lived in Hooghly district of West Bengal, used to do weightlifting, seeing him, Achinta also started weightlifting. But after the death of his father in 2013, the family was engulfed in poverty. The financial condition was so bad that even for the last rites of the father, the family did not have money. Their mother had no money to complete the diet of the weightlifter sons. Then Achinta's elder brother Alok took over the responsibility of the family and started fulfilling Achinta's dreams.

weightlifting champion achinta sheuli

Achinta's elder brother Alok worked day and night and arranged for one egg and one kilo of meat for his brother's diet. In 2014, when Achinta was selected in the Army Sports Institute, Pune, the expenses increased. For this, Alok started working more. Mother also started working. Both saved the money and sent it to Achinta.

After the selection in Khelo India in 2018, Achinta started getting some money. After this the burden of the family was reduced a little. Achinta won many competitions for the state at the national level and for the country at the international level, but the state government did not gave him any financial assistance.

The family worked hard to fulfill Achinta's dream. Today, when Achinta won the medal in the Commonwealth Games, he has given the credit of his victory to his coach, elder brother Alok and his mother. Today the whole world is seeing the shining star wearing a gold medal, behind it is the hard penance of a poor family.

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