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Who is professor Mithilesh Kumar Gautam Dalit lecturer sacked for Navratri post?

Who is professor Mithilesh Kumar Gautam Dalit lecturer sacked for Navratri post?

The Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapeeth fired a visiting professor and banned his entry “as the university environment is vitiated and exams are affected” after he wrote on social media that women should read the Constitution and Hindu Code “instead of fasting for nine days during Navratri.”

Mithlesh Kumar Gautam was dismissed from service at Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapith on Thursday after he advised women not to fast during Navratri.

In his Hindi social media post, Gautam had written: “For women, it is better to read the Indian Constitution and Hindu Law Code rather than fast for nine days during Navratra. Their lives will be free from fear and slavery”. Jay Bheem.”

University authorities statement

In an office order, Pandey said: “On September 29, students complained via letter that Dr. Mithilesh Kumar Gautam, a visiting professor in the department of political science, had posted material on social media. society that is against the Hindu religion”. Pandey cited “widespread resentment” among students against Gautam for the action.

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“…In view of the university atmosphere getting vitiated and examinations affected, I have been directed that Dr Mithilesh Kumar Gautam be dismissed with immediate effect, and his entry into the university campus be banned in view of security,” Pandey said in the order.

The other side

However, Lucknow University Associate Professor of Hindi Ravikant Chandan questioned the action.

“I had seen that post. There was nothing unconstitutional in it. Our Constitution says that there should be scientific India. We have the freedom of expression, and the post is related to freedom of women. It is a simple and ordinary post. Now, the question is whether logic ceases to exist in new India. Secondly, he (Mithilesh Kumar Gautam) is a Dalit teacher,” Chandan told PTI.

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“First they (apparently referring to the BJP) had attacked Muslims, and now they are targeting Dalit activists, teachers and social workers. And this is happening in educational institutes, because educated people are there. Nobody will ask how many hours a teacher has taught.”  

Who is Mithilesh Kumar Gautam

Dr Mithilesh Kumar Gautam is a guest lecturer who teaches in the department of political science in the Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapith.


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