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Who is Nakeeyat Dramani Sam, delivers strong message at COP27?

During a session at the UN climate summit in Egypt, 10-year-old Nakeeyat Dramani Sam told attendees that rich nations should

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Who is Nakeeyat Dramani Sam, delivers strong message at COP27?

During a session at the UN climate summit in Egypt, 10-year-old Nakeeyat Dramani Sam told attendees that rich nations should offset the climate impacts of developing countries.

Sam's soft voice and direct message cut through the usual dryness of climate negotiations. It reminded the negotiators and everyone listening that climate change is ultimately about people. Historically, wealthy nations like the United States have contributed the most to climate change due to high greenhouse gas emissions. At the same time, the poorest countries are often the most affected. During his speech, Sam held a sign that read, "Pay Late."

By their very nature, the UN climate negotiations are full of scientific and diplomatic jargon.

So when 10-year-old Nakeeyat Dramani Sam spoke during a plenary session Friday to hundreds of delegates, her soft voice and direct message cut through the dryness, a reminder to negotiators and all who listened that decisions made in the climate talks can have a direct impact on people.

Speaking about the suffering in Ghana due to the floods, he held up a sign that read: "payment is overdue." "I put a simple question on the table," he said. "When can you pay us back? Because the payment is late."

Sam's speech was not preoccupied with the machinations of negotiations but had the kind of directness and freshness that is natural to children.

Key points

  • A 10-year-old Ghanaian poet has addressed delegates at the COP27 summit.
  • Nakeeyat Dramani Sam shared her experience of climate change in Ghana.
  • She urged the delegates to come to a resolution on 'payment' for poorer nations.

"It's an emergency," the 10-year-old girl told negotiators, holding a sign reading "Delayed Payment." “If you were all young people like me, wouldn't you have already agreed to do what it takes to save our planet?

But after receiving a warm welcome, it was the return of the countries opposing over several thorny issues, with the Egyptian presidency acknowledging that the talks will take additional time on Saturday, if not longer.

"Time is not on our side," Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry said. Speaking as summit chair, he vowed to try to find common ground in the future. “The global community expects us to be bold and ambitious.”

She told attendees that she had met with US Climate Envoy John Kerry earlier this week. Kerry had been nice, she said, and the meeting made her think about the future.

Who is Nakeeyat Dramani Sam

A young Ghanaian female poet and child prodigy Nakeeyat Dramani Sam was born in the small village of Ajumako in Ghana. Her full name is Nakeeyat Abdul Dramani Sam. She has wowed many audiences, both during and after her time on Talented Kidz.

Nakeeyat Dramani Sam's Instagram Bio reads as "Climate change Ambassador (CVF) Global Young Peace Ambassador Winner of the Talented Kids S10 Award-winning and poet Influencer".

She speaks Hausa, Fanti and English and recites poems in all these languages. She even had the chance to perform in concert in front of the President of Ghana and the UK High Commissioner.

Apart from this, she also represented Ghana in the UK when she appeared on GN Radio UK and even Hot Digital Radio London. She also landed a role in a movie called Players VS Slayers which showcases some other great talents in the industry.

Nikiyat Dramani won Season 10 of Talented Kidz (A Ghana-based show) after wowing audiences with her amazing performance. Her concerts have been amazing and she has made her perform in front of greats. It is rare for such a young child to have this much talent and grace, but Naqiat possesses this much talent.

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