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Home » Who is ‘Mera dil Ye pukare’ viral dance video Pakistani girl Ayesha?

Who is ‘Mera dil Ye pukare’ viral dance video Pakistani girl Ayesha?

Who is ‘Mera dil Ye pukare’ viral dance video Pakistani girl Ayesha?

A Tik Toker dance performed to the song ‘Mera Dil Yeh Pikare Aa Jaa’ from the movie ‘Naagan’, released 68 years ago, has gone so viral that now one has to ask: ‘Koi rah a nahi gaya, who doesn’t make this video Have you seen?

The TikTok video of Ayesha has been viewed over 2.4 million times on Tik Tok alone as of this writing. Apart from Pakistan, this dance video is also discussed in India and Nepal. Before we talk about the music video that has gone viral from social media to dirt roads, let’s take a look at the original song, what it was, and who created it.

One of the most popular songs in film music is ‘Man Dole Meera Tan Dole’, which was part of the 1954 film ‘Naagan’. The highlight and perhaps the biggest reason for the popularity of this song was Ben’s vocals. The song was so popular that filmmakers made several movies based on the theme just to use Ben’s voice. As far as the music is concerned, none of the subsequent films were able to touch the original.

Who is Mera dil Ye pukare’ viral girl Ayesha?

Ayesha aka Mano is from Islamabad Pakistan, she makes videos on Tik Tok and Instagram under the name ‘Oyee Ayesha’ and has been active on social media for a long time, but recently her fame reached abroad when she starred in Lata Mangeshkar’s song. Danced in a unique way on a remix song.

Ayesha entertained the guests at a wedding ceremony in late October last month by dancing to the remix of Lata Mangeshkar’s old song ‘Mera Dil Yeh Pikare Aja’ in a unique way. Within no time It went viral.

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Mera Dil Pukare Viral

In the short video, Ayesha can be seen dancing to the classical song in a unique and different way.

Her short video went viral and people started making edits and memes on her video and she became a star in no time.

Her video was also shared by various showbiz social media pages while common people also uploaded her video and appreciated her dance.

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