Who is Josh Mandel, How his se* life becoming topic of discussion?

Ground Report | New Delhi: Josh Mandel s*x life; Former President Donald Trump continued a massive fundraising campaign through the end of 2021 and now has more than $122 million in cash on hand, his political team announced Monday. Numerous Trump-aligned candidates in a series of races have asked Trump for his endorsement to challenge both Democrats and traditional Republicans who are not aligned with the former president. Notable examples include Harriet Hageman, a Republican running to unseat Rep. Liz Cheney in Wyoming, as well as several candidates, including Josh Mandel in the Ohio Senate race.

Josh Mandel s*x life discussion

According to the dailybeast report, Trump has even spent an inordinate amount of time gossiping with a wide variety of close advisers and associates about unconfirmed details of Mandel’s s*x life. Trump has privately regurgitated, often with disgust, a wide range of unverified, often completely uninvestigated and lurid rumours about the MAGA candidate.

“He has talked about [Mandel] and s*x in the same sentence more times than I would have liked to hear.”

Donald Trump about Ohio Senate candidate Josh Mandel.

“The [former] president has used the term ‘f weird’ to describe Josh Mandel more than once when I have spoken to him about” Mandel, one of the people said. “He has talked about [Mandel] and s*x in the same sentence more times than I would have liked to hear.”

Citing sources, thedailybeast reported, the former president’s newly acquired interest in the alleged details of Mandel’s s*x life or ongoing personal.

Mandel doesn’t have the right “visuals” or “look” and could go wrong on TV. Having met and spoken with Mandel, Trump felt that there was something about Mandel and his personality that bothered him.

“In my experience, Donald Trump is a gossip-hungry for everything, including the very personal details of people’s lives,” Stephanie Grisham, a former top aide to Donald and Melania Trump, who publicly feuded with the Trump royals, said Friday. MAGA. “When I worked for him at the White House, he had no problem mentioning or asking about alleged details of the personal lives of prominent politicians or other famous people, including his own personal life. It’s ironic that someone like Donald Trump, who has been accused of all sorts of se*ual misconduct, cares so much to gossip about these matters, but… that’s just who he is.”

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Who is Josh Mandel

Joshua Aaron Mandel, born September 27, 1977, is an American far-right politician who served as the 48th Treasurer of Ohio from 2011 to 2019. A member of the Republican Party, he was previously a state representative from Ohio for the 17th district from 2007. to 2011.

Mandel grew up in suburban Cleveland and married Ilana Shafran in Jerusalem, Israel, in August 2008. The couple had three children. In January 2018, Mandel abruptly dropped out of the US Senate race, saying his wife’s failing health demanded his attention and presence. Two years later, the couple ended their 12-year marriage and filed for dissolution in Ashland County. A judge agreed to seal most of the records in the case. In the 2012 Senate race, Mandel made an issue of divorce from Democrat Sherrod Brown in 1986.

Mandel’s political career began in student government at Ohio State University and continued at Lyndhurst City Council and Ohio House. He also served as state treasurer from 2011 to 2018, where his most high-profile accomplishment was creating an online system for posting and searching government spending.

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