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Who is Fletcher Patel seen with NCB officer Sameer Wankhede?

Who is Fletcher Patel; Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) Spokesperson and state Minority Affairs Minister of Maharashtra Nawab Malik has

By Ground report
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Who is Fletcher Patel?

Ground Report | New Delhi: Who is Fletcher Patel; Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) Spokesperson and state Minority Affairs Minister of Maharashtra Nawab Malik has once again targeted the NCB. Who is Fletcher Patel? Such a question has been asked by Nawab Malik.

Who is Fletcher Patel?

Meanwhile, Nawab Malik shared a photo of Fletcher Patel with NCB official Sameer Wankhede on Twitter. What is the relationship between Fletcher Patel and Sameer Wankhede? Such a question has been asked by Nawab Malik. Nawab Malik has raised a number of questions before the NCB at a press conference.

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"I will be exposing more wrongdoings of the #NCB, this time not via a Press Conference but on my Twitter handle. The revealing tweets coming shortly...," reads the tweet on his Twitter handle.

"When any case is to be raised, it is a legal provision to call the eminent citizens of the place where the incident takes place and conduct a Panchanama," said Nawab Malik.

"In the last one year, the NCB has named Fletcher Patel as an independent umpire in three cases. This means there are family members of independent judges. It is clear from this that this action has been taken deliberately".

The court has often concluded that this is not the case if there is an independent arbitrator in many cases. This means that forgery has started through the NCB, ”alleged Nawab Malik. Nawab Malik has demanded an answer as to how Fletcher Patel became an independent umpire in three cases.

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Aryan Khan Case

What is Fletcher Patel's relationship with Sameer Wankhede? Who is this Lady Don? Where is Fletcher Patel going with him? What kind of racket is going on in Mumbai? What terror is Fletcher Patel creating in the film industry with Lady Dawn? Is money being boiled down by creating panic ?, ”asked Nawab Malik.

“The NCB had criticized me. But you are declaring the cases to be false. People are being deceived by the people in the house. The NCB should disclose what industries are being started through film industry Fletcher Patel and Lady Dawn, ”demanded Nawab Malik.

"She looks like Lady Dawn Sister… but some people told me that she is a lawyer, the leader of the film army of a political party, many people from the film industry are visiting her office, Wankhede is targeting the film industry. I don't know the connection between Fletcher Patel and Lady Dawn, but I will reveal when the information comes, ”said Nawab Malik.

“There is a method of Panchanama. If only one person is the arbitrator in each case, then the question of whether these cases are true or false arises in the court. I think Panch Sameer is a relative of Wankhede, he should disclose that, ”said Nawab Malik.

Nawab Malik vs NCB - Till now

Malik's security was upgraded to Y+ category after he received threatening calls after his press conference last week questioning the NCB probe into the Cordelia drug bust case. Many people including Aryan, son of actor Shahrukh Khan, have been arrested in this case.

On 14 October, he intensified his attack on the NCB, alleging that the anti-drug agency had implicated his son-in-law Sameer Khan for propaganda in the drug case. He further claimed that the whole matter was bogus and with malicious intent.

Malik said that while the NCB had claimed to have found 200 kg of ganja, the chemical analyst's report had proved that it was herbal tobacco and not ganja. "It is shocking that an anti-drug agency like NCB cannot differentiate between ganja and tobacco," he said.

"There is no case of illegal drug trafficking and conspiracy against Sameer Khan," Malik said. "NCB is involved in selective leaks to implicate people," he claimed.

According to Malik, the Mumbai Police was also informed that 11 people have been detained from the cruise ship. Malik had alleged that the NCB raid on Cruise was "fake, planned and a conspiracy to defame the film industry and the Maharashtra government".

"Select people have been arrested… The matter is serious. CCTV footage should be taken and a detailed investigation should be done," the minority affairs minister alleged.

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