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Is the CIA behind TikToker Andrew Dawson's disappearance?

Andrew Dawson shared his daily life through social networks. One day, his life changed drastically after filming a giant in Canada.

By Ground report
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Who is Andrew Dawson and where is he now?

TikToker Andrew Dawson has been absent from the online world for approximately 18 months, leaving his hundreds of thousands of followers puzzled and concerned about his whereabouts. Some fans even speculate that he may no longer be alive.

Dawson’s sudden disappearance from his social media channel occurred under unusual circumstances. He had been posting conspiracy theory videos on his page, later asserting that these videos were fabricated. However, he retracted this claim shortly afterwards. He then hinted to his fans that they might not hear from him again, adding to the mystery surrounding his sudden absence.

What appeared to be a mysterious and unusual TikTok video ended up turning into a harassing situation for Andrew Dawson by unknown men.

This situation triggered the disappearance and death of Andrew Dawson, becoming a mystery that has not yet been solved.

What's the whole story?

On April 9, 2022, Andrew Dawson published a video recording towards the mountain known as "Whistlers Peak", in the Jarpes National Park, in Alberta, Canada. 

There he showed a human figure on top of the mountain, commenting that he was a giant while trying to stabilize the video as he was the co-pilot on top of a moving vehicle. The video to date marks 4.1 million views.

Then he published another video where he commented on the virtualization of the record of the possible giant, which he could not record well due to the movement, asking for help from someone or a company to fly over the place in a helicopter. 

He also added that he would return to the mountain to continue recording and capture something closer with a better angle.

As of April 12, Andrew uploaded a video where he and a friend were hunting after the figure they had seen a couple of days ago, to try to get closer and clearer images. 

Upon reaching a place near the mountain and with good visibility of the place, Andrew said that the person was no longer visible as he pointed to the area, saying that he had spoken with locals, who say that the figure comes and goes.

Source: Tiktok- ANDYKAPT

Who is Andrew Dawson?

Andrew Dawson was born on March 12, 1980. He was 42 years old at the time of his death. According to the popular biography, Andrew Dawson's Networth was estimated at $1-5 million. As per different reports, he died on July 1, 2022.

TheTikTok handle @andykapt belonged to Andrew Dawson. He had amassed more than 480,000 followers on his profile and earned over three million likes on his videos. An eclectic mix of content brought him fame on the platform. He gained recognition for posting videos that supposedly depicted UFO encounters and other unexplained sightings. For example, he posted videos of figures sighted on top of mountains.

However, Many also believe that this was all just an elaborate prank and that the death was just a coincidence.

What was Andrew Dawson's viral video?

On April 10, 2022, Andrew posted a video of a giant standing on top of a mountain in Canada. The post soon went viral with almost 4 million views.

He posted an update that a CIA agent stopped him and said that Dawson was trespassing and blocking the road, even though it was a public area.

Four days later, he shared a video of a suspicious black vehicle in front of his house. When he got out, the car sped away.

“Someone from the CIA just stopped me and told me to turn around and the pass was prohibited, but it's a public area and other locals told me to go through that pass,” Andrew said in a new video posted on same April 12.

“I did not record on camera that I am going to go tomorrow and I will be prepared to film it, since they blocked my vehicle saying that there were environmental problems and that I should turn around and not pass. I don't get it,” he added.


The next day (April 13), Andrew and his dog Rex got into their truck at 5:32 am to see if they could detect any other strange occurrences on the mountain. His motivation and curiosity behind the case managed to capture an unknown object that was flying over the mountain where he saw the giant days before.

Hours later, he returns along the route to the mountain, where it becomes clear that they were possibly extracting something with the use of two helicopters.

Second meeting

On April 14, Andrew returned to the same pass towards the mountain, where days before he had been detained by a possible CIA agent, this time to try his luck. There he shows a car blocking the road and a guy outside the car stopping Andrew, who tells him the road is closed and he should turn around.

"I don't understand why it's closed, if it's a public parking lot or a public road, I don't know," the man commented after moving away from the past.

Three days have passed since that event, so Andrew re-uploads a new video to his TikTok account, where he shows that the same car that stopped the mountain days ago was outside his house. He decides to confront them by leaving his house and calling them, but the car speeds up and gets lost on the road.

Was that video scripted?

After a long break, Andrew surprised everyone by posting a video on May 7. In the video, he clarified that he was not dead or missing, but that he had been busy with his life. He has apologized for misleading viewers by admitting that previous videos of him were scripted and intended for entertainment purposes.

However, Andrew contradicted himself in a later video, stating that the earlier videos of him were not fake. He ended on a mysterious note, suggesting that they might not see him again.

These contradictory statements sparked a wave of conspiracy theories on TikTok. Some users speculated that Andrew passed away on July 1, although there is no evidence to support this claim.

Andrew's final video was posted on May 18, after which he disappeared from the platform. The video showed a peculiar wooden structure on top of a mountain, with the caption "military".

What has happened to Andrew Dawson?

Since May 17, 2022, Andrew Dawson has completely disappeared from social media. Returning causes concern among the followers.

It was not until July 1, 2022, that the Campbell River Mirror, a news outlet in the region in which Andrew resided, published an obituary announcing the death of Andrew Dawson at age 34.

The death and disappearance of Andrew Dawson remain a mystery, as the cause of his death has never been disclosed.

Media reports that the widow posted a video saying that her death had nothing to do with the videos and that Andrew had been depressed for years.

Is Andrew Dawson dead?

The circumstances surrounding Dawson’s situation remain uncertain. While some speculate that he may have encountered harm, others suggest that he might have simply decided to withdraw from social media.

Adding to the mystery, an obituary was posted online on July 1, 2022, on the official website of Campbell River Mirror. The tribute identified him as Andrew Ryan Dawson, born on November 4, 1987, indicating that he would be turning 36 this year.

The obituary also mentioned Dawson’s family members but did not provide any information about the cause of his death. The source of this tribute is unknown, leading some to question its authenticity and suspect it might be a hoax.

On July 1, the Campbell River Mirror published in his obituary the sad passing of Andrew Dawson at the age of 34. Neither his death date nor his cause of death was indicated in the post about his death.

After months of mourning, his widow posted a video where he mentioned that his death had nothing to do with the case and that Andrew had been struggling with depression for years, he also said that the videos were real, except for the cars and the subject that stopped him.

The brief article mentioned Dawson’s family members but did not provide any details about the cause of his death. The lack of clarity about who submitted the tribute has led some to suspect that the obituary might be a hoax.

No reputable sources, including any of the family members and loved ones mentioned in the obituary, have confirmed or refuted Dawson’s alleged death. The mystery surrounding Dawson’s situation was so significant in the US that it inspired


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