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Which social media platform allows explicit content, and doesn’t censor it?

Which social media platform allows explicit content, and doesn’t censor it?

In most social networks, any type of sexual manifestation (even the minimum) runs the risk of coming face to face with censorship. However, there is one where sex is not at the expense of censors as relentless as they are biased in their judgments.

So, here are some social networks.


Reddit is a social networking site focused on news and entertainment-related posts, but it is not an alternative to any blogging site. However, it can be integrated into another blogging platform where users can post adult-related content.

Unlike Facebook or Twitter, Reddit uses an upvote system for viewers to give their impressions of content posted by a user on the adult media site. Threads can be created from long lists of comments, making the comments section sometimes more important than the post itself.


Tired of feeling censored by social media platforms? Sharesome is one of the newest social media platforms that allow sharing and creating adult content. Users can chat, search for content by topic, showcase their products, and also simply give feedback to other creators.


On Steemit you can share a lot of adult content there with no problems. Steemit is an unusual platform because it is based on its own cryptocurrency system.


Mojofire is a microblogging platform that has been designed to have a wide reach but also allows sex workers and other content creators to share their work and promotion.

Since one of the developers is a sex worker, I am hopeful that this site will live up to the hype.

pillow fort

Pillowfort is in a beta phase at the moment, but promises that it will allow adult content when fully launched. As with all other social networks, that remains to be seen. But if you want to get it downstairs, now is the time to get on their waiting list.


Switter launched earlier this year. Switter has “sex worker – SW” in the title so you know the content is free and clear. And Twitter’s server is in a location that protects free speech.


Most people reading this article will be familiar with Fetlife. This is a social media platform designed specifically for the kinky set. So you will have no problem posting kinky things and the platform is wide enough to post photos, videos, articles, stories and create groups.

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