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Which Indian states have better per capita income?

Indian states have better per capita income; The concept of Per Capita Income in India of India is over 128 trillion rupees. So, what is

By Soumya Gupta
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Which Indian states have better per capita income

Ground Report | New Delhi: Indian states have better per capita income; The concept of Per Capita Income in India of India is over 128 trillion rupees. So, what is per capita income? Per Capita Income is the average income of a particular person of a specified region, in a given year, calculated by dividing the total income of a specified region by its population.

Per Capita in India is a gross contributing factor in the economy. India ranked 128 out of 164 in per capita income based on, purchasing power parity and gross domestic product by the World Bank. The rank has subsequently declined in the previous years, as of 2016 India ranked at 112 by the World Bank.

Although, the state which has the highest Per Capita Income is Goa of rupees 5,23,390 in India contributing excessively to the economy, followed by Delhi at 3,91,060, Sikkim, Haryana 2,63,249, and Chandigarh. Though the data of seven five years states otherwise. The data of the last five-year states shows that the per capita income doesn't state Goa as the highest contributor over the last seven years.

States with Slowest Per Capita Growth

Yes, it is one of the highest contributors but the states which have a better per capita income consistently over the seven years are Mizoram at 12.56%, Tripura at 9.94%, Sikkim at 13.38%, Madhya Pradesh at 12.72%, and Haryana at 12.20%, growing at the average rate of 11.72% as the reports of statistics times. States like Gujarat and Telangana have been able to maintain a successive per capita income rate at 11.95% and 12.17% respectively, stand to be among the fastest economically growing states as per the data of 2012-19.

Indian states have better per capita income

However, Goa at 5.48% has one of the slowest growth rates among six other states at 5.48%., the states with lower per capita income include, Andhra Pradesh at 11.83%, Chandigarh at 10.74%, Punjab at 8.79%, Jharkhand at 8.68%, West Bengal at 5.16%, Nagaland at 5.46%, and Puducherry at 4.69%. Six states and union territories have an average growth rate of 8 per cent from 2012-19 fiscal years. Bihar at 9.61%, on the other hand, has the fastest-growing per capita income but is one of the poorest states in India.

Top Richest and the Poorest States of India:

Let's not misunderstand per income capital as a source of proving the wealthiness of a state. Goa has the highest per capita income but is not the richest state. Whereas, Maharashtra is the richest state in India while not being one of the top five contributing states of per capita income.

Henceforth, the wealthiest state in India is Maharashtra with a GSDP of 32.42 trillion followed by Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, and Rajasthan, but the poorest of the states includes Jharkhand, Meghalaya, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, and Uttar Pradesh. It is to note that the richest states are inclusive solely of the economy of the particular state, while the poorest states are often defined with the percentage of poverty line and accessibility.

Income Disparity in India

Income Inequality is not much seen between other countries and India but between states in India, the income disparity is inevitably increasing. The reason is the gap between urban and rural areas due to inaccessibility of necessary resources, the migration of people from rural to urban areas have rapidly increased and so did the income disparity. The cities are becoming richer and rural areas are becoming poor.

However, this disparity is also influenced by politics, illiteracy, lack of healthcare, employment, and gender inequality. Though the various initiative is being taken by the government to bridge this gap via providing programs and incentives and also via the set up of Council for Advancement of People's Action, and Rural Technology to help in developmental activities.

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