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Which Indian state gives the highest numbers of IAS to India?

Which Indian state gives the highest numbers of IAS to India?

India’s toughest exam UPSC gives us selected IAS officers of the country. Faces like Armstrong Pame, Smita Sabharwal, Srushti Jayant Deshmukh, and Tina Dabi are included in this series. People from all over the world make Delhi their first choice to crack UPSC. But do you know which state is giving us the highest number of IAS officers? Let’s know

Which state gives highest numbers of IAS

  • Uttar Pradesh- Uttar Pradesh, the most populous state, is number one on the list. As per the data of January 2015, Uttar Pradesh gives the highest number of 717 IAS officers in India. 3rd rank holder in UPSC 2019, Pratibha Verma is from Uttar Pradesh. Others are Vidhu Shekhar (Rank 54), Shivakshi Dixit (Rank 64), and many more.
  • Bihar- Even though many questions arise about the education system of Bihar, the spirit of the students there is no less than anyone. January 2015 data says that Bihar has given 452 IAS officers to India. One of these is Shubham Kumar of Katihar district of Bihar. Shubham Kumar secured rank 1 in UPSC CSE 2020.
  • Rajasthan- The third place in this list is from Rajasthan, which has given 322 IAS officers. AIR 1 in UPSC 2018 Kanishka Kataria is from this state.
  • Tamil Nadu- Tamil Nadu ranks 4th with 318 IAS officers. AIR 7 Ganesh Kumar, a graduate of IIT-Kanpur and IIM-Ahmedabad is from this state. Balanagendran D and Puranasunthari M, two visually-challenged candidates, were among the successful ones from this state.
  • Andhra Pradesh- With 314 successful candidates, Andhra Pradesh ranks 5th on the list. AIR 50
  • TK Rangashree, a native of Tirupati is the topper of the state. G Suryasai Praveenchand, a native of Amalapuram, who lost both his parents at an early age, has secured all-India 64th rank and is also from the Andhra Pradesh.

In the list, some of the other states

  • Maharashtra -253
  • Punjab -232
  • Delhi -211
  • Haryana -190
  • Madhya Pradesh -183
  • Karnataka -159
  • Kerala -157
  • West Bengal -134
  • Odisha -119
  • Jammu & Kashmir -67
  • Gujarat -65
  • Himachal Pradesh -64
  • Jharkhand -60
  • Chhattisgarh -44
  • Assam -43
  • Manipur -43
  • Uttarakhand -41
  • Chandigarh -35
  • Meghalaya -27
  • Arunachal Pradesh -26
  • Mizoram -26
  • Nagaland -23
  • Tripura -19
  • Sikkim -10
  • Pondicherry -5
  • Goa -2
  • Andaman & Nicobar -1
  • Telangana -1

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