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Whatsapp Web users’ data leaked? Mobile number visible in Google search

The ruckus about WhatsApp’s new policy has not stopped yet that a new case of WhatsApp data leak has surfaced on Google.

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According to the report, the mobile numbers of users have been leaked through the desktop (Web) application of WhatsApp, which have started appearing in Google search. This claim has been made by cyber security researcher Rajasekhar Rajharia and some screenshots related to it have been shared on social media. The matter of showing the links of WhatsApp group also appeared in Google search.

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Mobile number of users in Google search Rajhariya wrote in the tweet, ‘If you are using WhatsApp web, then Google is indexing your mobile number and messages. Don’t know why WhatsApp is unable to monitor its website and Google. This is the third time this has happened. Some screenshots have been shared with the post, in which indexing of the personal mobile number of WhatsApp users can be seen clearly in Google search”.

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According to Rajahria, the data is leaking through the WhatsApp web and all the mobile numbers appearing in Google search are of personal users, not one of them is the number of business users. WhatsApp has more than 2 billion users worldwide and in India the number is more than 400 million. Many users also use WhatsApp on their desktop and web browsers.

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About 4-5 days ago, a case of WhatsApp groups had also appeared in Google search and it was also disclosed by Rajasekhar Rajahria. According to the report, any unknown person could join the private WhatsApp group due to WhatsApp’s flaws. Not only this, people feared leaking of phone numbers and profile pictures.

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